Left to right: Alessandro Gasparini, Pascale Nini, Patrice Roulet

What an amazing year it’s been here at Immervision. We’ve broadened our perspectives, and, at the same time, have focused on what’s really important in the amazing, and ever-evolving business of imaging technology.

With the Holiday season upon us, all of us here have had a chance to look back at the year that 2018 has been, and to take a look forward to the year ahead, as well.

Take a look at a few of the new developments we’ve made this year, and see for yourself how we’re helping people see more, smarter.

NEW YEAR, NEW LOGO — Making it all click!

In 2018, we began a new chapter in our 18-year history with new vision and mission statements to guide us in our efforts to enable the world to see more, smarter. Along with this, we worked hard to expose our mission through our logo, which demonstrates the future vision of our company.

Our Vision :
Immervision Enables Intelligent Vision

Our Mission :
We design the most advanced vision systems to bring humanity to any device

These are the guiding principles that help us to bring humanity to the technology that improves our lives. In order to really understand and appreciate the world around us, vision systems must have context, and be able to see more, smarter.

Our new logo is a true reflection of our new vision that looks to the future, while embracing the past. We’re looking at what that vision means to — not just our company — but the industry as a whole.

Now more than ever, our everyday devices must enable intelligent vision in a multitude of contexts. By helping people and machines to see more, smarter, Immervision is enhancing human interaction and understanding with the world like never before.

Our logo is really the manifestation of the efforts that we, and others, have made to get to where we are today, seen through the lens of an amazing, and inclusive, future.



Trekker X-4


Of course, 2018 marked the arrival of wide-angle imaging to the mainstream. Flagship smartphones now offer super wide-angle and multi-camera setups and promote these features aggressively. The wide-angle wave Immervision has been riding for years was caught by Crosscall who launched the Trekker X-4, a premium, action-cam smartphone with a 170° panomorph lens and Immervision algorithms at its core.




This year Lenovo launched Mirage, a 3D virtual reality camera featuring two ultra-wide angle panomorph lenses for the best image quality and user experience.





These are just the latest Immervision Enables devices to hit the consumer market and join Garmin’s VIRB 360 4K action cam, the Motorola Moto Mod 360 smartphone mod, the Acer Holo 360, and Quanta Pi-Solo on the list of panomorph devices launched last year.



Immervision Enables and panomorph technology continue to be specified for the highest performance Security and Surveillance cameras available. There are now over 30 certified security partners and this year we certified new product releases from Hanwha Techwin, Vivotek, Eneo, Huatu, Ksenos, Kentima, and Titan Vision.

It was a great honour for Immervision when Sunny Optical (Zongzhan) was welcomed as a certified panomorph lens manufacturer this year. Sunny have quickly applied their expertise and already offer two panomorph lenses for a range of applications.

Further, we announced our panomorphEYE Development Kit in partnership with Socionext and E-Con Systems in 2018. What does that mean for you? We’ve married our intelligent vision and advanced System-on-Chip design with on-board sensor fusion that will enhance both human and machine vision. The end result is more productive people in safer environments, innovative products, and new vision capabilities for you to discover and develop.


It’s an absolute pleasure for us to be able to work with other industry leaders to create more effective products that bring positive results to people’s lives. It’s the focal point of everything that we do!


We will be demonstrating this technology at the upcoming CES 2019. Make sure to schedule a meeting with us while you’re there by clicking here!



For 2019, we will continue to deliver wide-angle imaging innovations, increase our strategic partnerships, and celebrate the release of more products featuring patented Immervision wide-angle imaging technology.

There is a specific need for intelligent vision only available from Immervision in Mobile and Consumer, Automotive, and Robotics markets and we offer unique solutions for each, based on our three core technologies of lens design, image processing algorithms including Adaptive Dewarping, and Data-in-Picture for sensor fusion applications.


Immervision Data-in-Picture for sensor fusion applications


At CES, we’ll discuss product roadmaps with manufacturers looking to use our newest super wide 125° field of view lens design to be produced by our licensees, perfect for smartphones.


Orbi Prime 360° action glasses


I already mentioned the panomorphEYE development kit that we’ll show at CES in January. Orbi Prime wearable glasses are in pre-production runs, each pair sporting four panomorph lenses for full 360 recording capability. We’ll have a set in our private CES suite in Las Vegas.


Expect some news about new developments for the automotive and robotics sector later this spring.

Our work to combine AI with wide-angle vision will continue as we have started a joint research project with Université Laval to train learning algorithms with wide-angle imageswith the goal of extracting depth data from single eye wide-angle imagery.


Of course we will continue to provide custom lens designs for a variety of applications and industries, including LiDar, embedded devices, and IoT, and support our partners with our SDK, algorithms, and professional services.

Already an established leader in the imaging ecosystem, Immervision is uniquely positioned to provide its patented wide-angle lenses — capable of 80 to 240-degree views and beyond — that accurately mirror, and even surpass, how the human eye captures the world. 2019 will be another great year for Immervision as we help the world to see more, smarter!


Our Intelligent Vision technology enables people and machines to see, understand, and interact with the world like never before.

With so many applications for high quality wide-angle images with augmented resolution, we’re here to create a future that makes the world safer, and gives people the optical information that they need to be more productive. We’re proud to be a part of it, and we’d like to thank all of you for coming along on this journey with us.

On behalf of all of us here at Immervision, I’d like to wish you and yours all the best of the Holiday Season, and a wonderful, and Happy New Year!