Sophie Gigliotti, Director, Sales and Business Development EMEA at Immervision, recently attended AutoSens Brussels and shared the latest trends in automotive imaging and vehicle design during an interview with Francis Nedvidek of AutoSens Insights. 

AutoSens Brussels was back in person after two years of virtual events and everyone was excited to be there and meet face-to-face. The show was a great opportunity to reconnect with the world’s foremost automotive engineers working to improve automotive imaging and vehicle. 

Reducing the Number of Cameras  

One of the trends we see, and a request from both OEMs and Tier1s, is to reduce the number of cameras inside the car. Using our expertise in wide-angle technology we are able to go from several cameras to one or two that can capture the interior of the cabin and look at the driver and occupant monitoring aspect, as well as, lifestyle and entertainment. If the vehicle is idle, the same camera can be used for video conferencing, another useful feature that can be utilized in electric cars while they are charging. 

Enhanced Driver Experience  

Another trend is increased demand for everything associated with autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles vision systems. A lot of our customers are coming to us to help them develop more driver friendly vehicles for tasks big and small, from mirror replacement to various ways vision technology can assist with parking and other functions. 

Personalized Passenger Safety  

Today’s automotive industry is increasingly focused on driver safety and more personalized passenger experiences. Early versions of ‘dash cams’ offered driver monitoring for sleepiness, inattention, and driving behavior. That is no longer the case, as camera resolution and field of view are higher and wider.  Modern in-cabin vision systems must provide DMS (Driver Monitoring System) functions while being able to monitor the other occupants and the entire car, including the backseat. Passengers can be assured the driver is being observed for safety, and, also be notified if a child has unbuckled a seatbelt, or if a package is left on the backseat as you leave the vehicle. 

OEMs and Tier 1 Manufacturers want Customization  

Often people reach out to us very early in their development process when seeking a new innovative route. They contact us before going into mass production so they can utilize our expertise to improve their existing camera system or develop a brand-new vision system. With our InnovationLab simulation tool, customers benefit from our expertise to validate project assumptions which allows them to rework designs without having to go through the lengthy process of making samples or modifying existing designs. This process offers an unprecedented savings of time and money.  

Our customers like that at the beginning of the project we define with them what they want to achieve and work closely with them to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the project.  

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Keep Learning About Automotive Imaging

We are subject matter experts in the field of automotive imaging. Since 2000 and through a collaborative approach between scientists, software engineers and optics designers, we have developed and patented a wide range of advanced image processing algorithms that address the specific challenges of wide-angle imaging in radically new ways and render superior image quality. 

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