Build with Advanced Wide-Angle Lenses

Product manufacturers can integrate wide-angle panomorph technology into their products. Panomorph technology is flexible and can be customized for various applications.

Customized For Any Application

Lens design specifications like distortion curve, magnification and physical constraints can be manipulated to provide any desired result. Panomorph is the only wide-angle technology that can address specific resolution requirements. It can be used in mobile, photography, defense, automotive, aerospace, medical, robotics and other industries.


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Development Options

Product manufacturers have the option to use existing lenses, create a new lens design through a panomorph designer program or create their own panomorph lens.

  • Existing lenses
    Manufacturers can incorporate existing panomorph lenses (produced by certified manufacturers under ImmerVision’s license agreement) into their products. They can provide their customers with an optic that performs better than any other wide angle lens.
    In the video surveillance application, camera manufacturers have several options of existing panomorph lenses to choose from.
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  • Create your own lens
    Learn how to create your own lens with the CPOD program. After completing the program, you can design and certify your panomorph lens and be licensed for mass production and distribution.
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  • Create your own lens with ImmerVision team
    Product companies can ask ImmerVision to design their panomorph lens. They will benefit from ImmerVision’s optical expertise in customizing a new lens design for a specific application.
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Certified Panomorph Products

Once a product is completed, certification is required to benefit from worldwide compatibility. All products with built-in panomorph lenses are tested to insure optimal performance. ImmerVision Enables is the wide-angle video standard, certified products offer compatibility, greater coverage, increased resolution and better operational efficiency compared to other wide-angle technologies.

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Benefits and advantages

Manufacturers that build products with panomorph technology are using advanced optic technology and viewing functionality.

  • Flexible and adaptable for any application
  • Customizable for specific requirements
  • Best performing wide-angle technology
  • Greater visual coverage
  • Increased resolution

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