Immervision Enables Certification

Immervision Enables is a certification for panomorph optics, software and products.

The certification offers compatibility between immersive viewing and wide-angle images captured by cameras equipped with certified panomorph lenses. Users can navigate within the live or recorded wide-angle images without distortion.

Recognize the Logo

Immervision Enables’ certification is recognized for flexibility, compatibility, quality and optimized immersive viewing. The Immervision Enables logo guarantees that any certified panomorph optic is compatible with any Immervision Enables viewing functionality. The logo represents a complete wide-angle video standard.

Building with Panomorph Technology

Any company in any industry has the opportunity to manufacture optics or develop software using patented panomorph wide-angle technology. Companies benefit from compatibility when their solutions are certified Immervision Enables.

License to Produce and Distribute Panomorph Optics

Companies that sign a license agreement with Immervision can control the production and distribution of their own certified panomorph lenses. Interested in manufacturing certified panomorph lenses? Contact us

License to Integrate Panomorph Viewing Functionality

Companies that integrate Immervision Enables’ algorithms into their software are licensed to provide their customers with certified 360° viewing functionality. Interested in integrating Immervision Enables’ SDK for video surveillance? Interested in integrating Immervision Enables’ SDK for consumer electronics?

License to produce panomorph products

Companies that create products with built-in panomorph lenses sign a product certification and trademark agreement to produce and distribute certified products. Interested in creating certified panomorph products? Contact us

Types of Certification

There are four types of Immervision Enables Certification companies can attain. Each certification has its own precise and pre-defined criteria.

  • Optical Design Certification from certified optical designer
  • Optics Certification
  • Immersive Viewing Certification
  • Product Certification

The Certification Process

The general process of Immervision Enables certification is comprised of five phases. For more detailed information, please Contact us

  1. Application Form - Business, Technical and Legal requirements and criteria is validated
  2. License - Proposal for CPOD, Optical Design, product certification and trademark agreement or software trademark license agreement
  3. Enable - Perform optical design, specification, preliminary, mechanical and final designs, ensure product conforms to certification criteria, or send SDK to licensee for integration
  4. Certification - Certification of panomorph lens, solution or product
  5. Promotion - Co-marketing initiatives

Joint Marketing Initiatives

Companies with an Immervision Enables certification will be offered marketing and communication support. Upon request, joint communication strategy can be established to help the development of collateral material for their 360° panomorph solution. Other communication initiatives include:

  • New certified product can be announced in the market via joint press releases
  • Communication and Logo Guidelines
  • Immervision Enables logo and special product labels
  • Support in the development of communication and sales tools for panomorph solutions
  • Promotion of certified product with company logo and links on Immervision website
  • Exhibition (upon space availability) and demonstration of company certified panomorph products during trade shows and events
  • Immervision support during events or tradeshows organized by partners

Get Certified Today

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