MONTREAL, Canada: ImmerVision, the inventor of the 360-degree panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, announced today that Dodwell B.M.S.’ remote viewing software, MultiEye Viewer, is now offered with ImmerVision Enables®, supporting the most cutting-edge 360-degree viewing standard available on the market today. Using MultiEye Viewer, customers can now add ImmerVision Enables panomorph lenses to most analog and IP cameras to expand the field-of-view, achieve greater surveillance coverage and eliminate blind spots.

With support for this immersive viewing technology, Dodwell’s viewing software allows customers to navigate through and plunge into live and playback video of areas spanning 360 degrees x 180 degrees, distortion-free. MultiEye Viewer also supports various viewing modes so operators can display one part of the image, four different views of the same image or two 180-degree perimeter views. Different view perspectives can also be accessed such as ceiling (looking down), wall (horizontal) and ground (looking up).

“Having our remote viewing software branded with ImmerVision Enables enhances our offering in the security industry where the need for 360-degree viewing capabilities is becoming paramount,” said Kazunobu Kadosawa, General Manager at Dodwell B.M.S.

Thanks to MultiEye Viewer’s compatibility with this revolutionary panomorph optics technology, Dodwell clients also benefit from an increased number of pixels within each image over other 360-degree technology such as fisheye lenses. This means customers get a higher degree of magnification on the image so objects appear larger within Dodwell’s viewing software, improving response time in critical situations and investigations.

“Dodwell B.M.S. has been a key advocate for 360-degree viewing solutions in Japan,” said Alessandro Gasparini, Chief Commercial Officer at ImmerVision. “So certifying their remote viewing software with ImmerVision Enables further strengthens our partnership in offering cutting-edge 360-degree capabilities in video surveillance applications.”

About Dodwell B.M.S.

Established in 1950, Dodwell B.M.S. Ltd. is a leader in the manufacturing, distribution and support of digital security systems, as well as a provider of card system devices for financial institutions, technical service and installation for government and private institutions throughout Japan.