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IVP file format

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1. What is PURE Player?
PURE Player PURE Player is the PURE viewer that allows you to view and move around within your immersive panoramas (.ivp) in a 360-degree environment.

PURE Player is available in different versions and is designed for:
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2. What are PURE TOOLS?
PURE TOOLS PURE TOOLS is a highly evolved suite of software tools that allows you to create custom immersive panoramas from panoramic photographs, personalizing them to express your imagination with additions such as:
  • Automatic movements within the panorama
  • Dynamic special effects with lights;
  • Customized virtual tours.
This suite has a range of tools that you can add and use as needed:
  • Edit panoramas -- Convert formats, add special effects and create virtual visits
  • Publish panoramas -- Create web pages, create ivp files, and add encryptions to protect your work
  • View panoramas -- Directly access the latest versions of PURE Player viewer, add transitional and special effects, and customize PURE Player PRO.
With PURE TOOLS, your panoramas become a real immersive experience.
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PURE Player
1. Are PURE Player for Java and PURE Player PRO for Java plug-ins? Do I have to install them on my computer in order to view panoramas on the Internet?
No, both PURE Player for Java and PURE Player PRO for Java are not plug-ins. You don’t need to install them to be able to view panoramas from a Web page. They are Java applet and are automatically downloaded with the panorama. To take advantage of these players, you just need to have a Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. To ensure you have a Java Virtual Machine installed, please go to the Java Website and download the latest version of Java.
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2. Is it possible to launch PURE Player for Java and PURE Player PRO for Java directly to the full screen mode?
Yes, just put the fullscreen tag in the PURE Player for Java call parameters, as shown in the following example:
<APPLET archive="PurePlayer.jar" code="PurePlayer" width="640" height="480">
    <param name="panorama" value="panorama.ivp">
    <param name=”fullscreen” value=”true”>

Due to certain technical limitations, it is not possible to start PURE Player for Flash in full screen mode. Please consult the official PURE Player for Flash documentation for more information on fullscreen capabilities.
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3. Is it possible to create a transition effect between panoramas in my virtual tour?
You can add transitions for PURE Player PRO for Java by using PROfiler. To use your transitions simply use the transition parameter when calling the applet as such:
<APPLET archive="ProfiledPurePlayerPro.jar" code="PurePlayerPro" width="640" height="480">
    <param name="panorama" value="panorama.ivp">
    <param name="transition" value="TransBlend" >

You can also access this parameter programmatically through the following function call:

For more information about transition effects and how to use them, please consult the official PROfiler documentation.
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4. Is it possible to remove the standard loading message with PURE Player PRO for Java?
Yes. With Splasher you can customize the loading page of PURE Player PRO for Java.
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5. Is it possible to remove the standard loading message with PURE Player for Flash?
PURE Player for Flash is a standard player, as are the PURE Player for Java, PURE Player for Pocket PC, PURE Player for Windows. To customize the loading page, you need to use PURE Player PRO for Java with Splasher
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6. Is it possible to use a PURE Player for Flash in another Flash Movie?
PURE Player for Flash is a standard player and as such is meant to be used in HTML web pages.
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7. Is it possible to open a web page when users click on a hotspot?
Yes, you simply need to use the open() function as follows:
<panorama angleType="degree" id="my_panorama" xmlns="">

   <panosphere id="sphere" layer="0" pan="0" tilt="0" roll="0"    visible="true"    play="true" loop="true">
      <image file="pano.jpg"/>
      <hotspotRectangle id="toPano2" pan="-100" tilt="0" panSize="5" tiltSize="5"       color="#FFC40000" visible="true" display="true">
open( "pano2.ivp", true)
         <text>Go to see the Panorama number 2</text>

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8. Is it possible to create virtual tours for PURE Player for Flash?
You can easily create virtual tours for PURE Player for Flash with Hotspot Creator. You can link to other panoramas, open webpages and initiate JavaScript commands.
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9. How can i create a custom user interface to use with PURE Player PRO for Java?
User interfaces ( GUIs ) for PURE Player PRO for Java are constructed with an XML description file ( .IVU ) and the images requiredto compose your user-interface. The IVU file contains the data about each element in your GUI and script to describe their behavior.

Once created, you can package the description file along with all your required images into a single packaged IVU file with either Package Maker or Batch Package Maker. Your packaged IVU files can also be encrypted with Package Crypter to protect the content from theft.

For more in-depth information about GUIs and Scripting, consult the PURE Player PRO for Java documentation. You can download this documentation here.
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10. Can I create automatic movements in my panoramas?
Yes you can! This feature is called autopaths and is supported by all PURE Player viewers.
To learn more about creating your own autopaths, have a look at the IVP Reference Guide, in the Panorama Documentation and in the Tutorials and samples sections.
You can download the IVP Reference Guide from our downloads page.
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11. Some straight lines near the edges in some of my panoramas appear wavy. How can I fix this?
Setting the quality parameter to a value of 200 will dramatically straighten the lines in your panoramas. Technically speaking, this parameter changes the numbers of vertices used to display the panoramic image. More vertices produce straighter lines at the expense of consuming more CPU resources.
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12. I want to look at my immersive panorama using PURE Player for Flash, but all I see is the PURE Player logo. Why?
By default, Adobe Flash Player blocks the PURE Player Flash. However, all you have to do is change the Adobe Flash Player security settings. Right-click on PURE Player for Flash and select Settings… from the menu.
PURE Player

In the Access Control tab of the Adobe Flash Player Settings, click on the Advanced… button.

PURE Player

This automatically redirects you to the Adobe web site section where you can manage Flash settings.

On the right side of this page, click on the Global Security Settings menu option.

PURE Player

In the drop-down list, choose Add location…

PURE Player

A dialog box will appear, asking you to specify a secure file or directory.
If you want to allow any Flash files on your C drive, enter "C:\" in the field.
Otherwise, click on Browse for folder… and select the directory currently holding the panoramic images that you want to view with PURE Player for Flash. The directory will appear in the list of trusted files.

PURE Player

Finally, click on “Always allow” to automatically override the Adobe message the next time you run Flash content on your system. Restart the computer to confirm these changes.

PURE Player

You can now use PURE Player for Flash to view your panoramas located on your hard drive without any problem.

NOTE: Sometimes the changes are not properly saved by the Adobe Flash Player site; if this occurs, simply repeat the process.
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13. When I try to look at my panoramic image in PURE Player for Flash, I get this message: “Error 17: The size of the panoramic image exceeds the Adobe Flash Player limits”. Why?
Your image may be too large. Adobe Flash Player limits any single image to a maximum of 8190 pixels per dimension (width or height) and the total number of pixels cannot exceed 16,777,215 pixels.
  • For spherical panoramas: 5,792 x 2,896
  • For cylindrical panoramas: 2,048 pixels high if image is 8,190 pixels wide
  • For cubical panoramas: 1,365 x 1,365 per cube face
For now, PURE Player for Flash can’t override the limits imposed by Adobe Flash Player, so you have to respect these parameters.
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1. I just purchased, downloaded and installed the pure toolkit but when I click on the PURE TOOLS icon all I get is the configurations menu. Where are the functionalities?
The first time you run PURE STARTER TOOLKIT, you will need to activate and download the software’s modules. The procedure is quite simple:
  1. Launch the PURE Updater, if it has not automatically launched already
  2. Paste the Activation Key that was sent to you when you purchased PURE STARTER TOOLKIT
  3. Click on the "Add" button.
  4. Make sure you are connected to the Internet before clicking on "Update" and then on "Download and install". This will start the download and complete the PURE STARTER TOOLKIT installation.
Once the download and installation are finished, the application will restart. All the functionalities of PURE STARTER TOOLKIT will then be available.
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2. How can I create a packaged IVP file format panorama?
The PURE TOOLS software suite allows you to create packaged IVP files. Here are two ways that it can be done:
  • If you already have panoramas in the IVP format, you can pack them using the PURE TOOL Package Maker
  • PURE TOOL Panorama Filemaker will automatically save your panoramas into a packed IVP file.
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3. Do I need PURE STARTER TOOLKIT installed on my computer to use additional TOOLS such as Splasher, Batch Package Maker or PROfiler?
Yes, you must have the PURE STARTER TOOLKIT installed on your computer in order to use additionnal TOOLS.
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4. I’ve just created a PURE Player PRO for Java with PROfiler but my transitions aren’t working! What’s happening?
PROfiler allows you to create a multitude of transitions and effects for PURE Player PRO for Java. To use them, you need to include them in their respective files:
For transitions :
  • In the HTML file : <param name="transition" value="TransBlend" >
  • In the IVP file : set("applet","transition","TransBlend")

For special effects :
  • In the IVP file : <sfx id="sfx1" name="SfxSepia" layer="2" visible="true" />
  • In the IVU file’s script : pano("set(\"sfx1\",\"visible\",true)");
For more information, please consult the official documentation for PROfiler and PURE Player PRO for Java (Transition and Special effects Documentation section).
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5. When I create a PURE Player with PROfiler or Splasher, the toolbar disappears! What’s happening?
PROfiler and Splasher allow you to create a personalized PURE Player PRO for Java. PURE Player PRO for Java allows you to use your own graphical user interface ( IVU file). This player therefore does not have a default user interface. The toolbar is a component of the GUI.

To get you started, ImmerVision provides ready-made GUIs. You can download them here
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6. I’ve had to re-install my operating system, but i didn’t backup the PURE TOOLS installer. How can I download the installer again?
Here is the procedure to download the PURE TOOLS installer:
  1. Go to the PURE STARTER TOOLKIT webpage;
  2. Click on the "Buy" button;
  3. After loging in, the PURE STARTER TOOLKIT purchase page should be displayed;
  4. Under the "Buy Key" link, click on the "Click Here" link to download the installer directly;
  5. Enter your key;
  6. Choose the appropriate version (Windows or Mac).;
  7. Click on the "download" button to start the download of the PURE STARTER TOOLKIT installer.

The next steps are the same as a standard PURE STARTER TOOLKIT installation.
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7. I have installed PURE TOOLS on my Mac OS X 10.6 but when I start the application, I get only the splash screen. Why?
On a Mac OS X 10.6, the default for Java applications is 64 bits. PURE TOOLS is a 32-bit Java application.

To enable PURE TOOLS to function on a 64-bit system, manually change your Java preferences:
- Open Java Preferences from the Utilities folder.
- Look at the General tab. You should see one panel for Java Applet Plugin and one for Java Applications. The lists offer different settings.
- Under Java Applications, drag the 32-bit option so that it appears first on the list.

PURE Player

- Save and exit to apply your changes. PURE TOOLS should now launch without any problem.

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8. When I launch PURE TOOLS, I get this message “Can't find javaw.exe in your path”. Why?
This is usually a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) configuration issue. There fire you should uninstall all versions of JVM currently installed on your computer, and re-install the latest version of Oracle JVM. You can download the latest version at:

If installing the latest version doesn’t fix the problem, you will have to manually configure it (NOTE: Modification of these variables can be done only if you are the administrator of your system):
  • Right click on My Computer/Computer on the Desktop
  • Choose the Properties option from the drop-down menu
  • In the System window, click on Advanced system settings in the left pane
  • In the System properties window, select Advanced/Advanced system settings
  • Click on the Environment variables… button at the bottom of the window
  • In the Environment variables window you will see two lists: User variables for a user name and System variables
  • From the System variables list, select the Path variable and click on Edit
  • In the Variable value field, add the directory where the “javaw.exe” file is located.
    For example: If your javaw.exe file is in the default installation directory, add a semi colon (;) as a separator at the end of the Variable value field and add the C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\; text
  • Click OK and restart your computer to save and apply the changes.
PURE TOOLS should now start without any problem.
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IVP format
1. What is an ".ivp" file?
The ".ivp" designation is a panoramic file format created and displayed by PURE software. Any immersive panorama created with an ivp format has an immediate advantage, in that it can be viewed on many different platforms.

Users can create a single panoramic file and then view or navigate within it on a desktop or laptop, over the Internet, or on a handheld PC... as an interactive file, or even as a screen saver.

In addition to the immersive panoramic format, three different extensions are related to the IVP format:
  • .ivl : Lens flare’s effect extension
  • .ivu : Graphic interface’s file extension (PURE PLAYER PRO)
  • .ivi : Image’s file extension (PURE PLAYER PRO)
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2. What is the difference between a packaged file and an unpackaged one?
Files with designations “.ivp”, “.ivu”, “.ivl” and “.ivi” are all XML files with links to various resources (panoramas, images, audio, etc.).

Packaging the files puts all the resources and parameters into a single bundle, making it easier to publish and visualize with PURE Player.
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3. How do I create an immersive panorama (.ivp format)?
The PURE TOOLS software suite gives you all the tools you need to create immersive panoramas:
  • Use the PURE TOOL Panorama Filemaker to automatically generate an .ivp panorama from your panoramic photos (.jpeg or .tiff).
  • Use the PURE TOOL Package Maker to bundle your panoramas for easier handling.
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4. How do I protect my immersive panoramas?
PURE Player supports many types of encryptions which allow others to view your panoramic creations without having access to their contents. To encrypt your packaged .ivp files, use the PURE TOOL Package Crypter.
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5. I have encrypted one of my panoramas and I want to reverse the encryption. How do I do that?
You can’t. We recommend that you always keep a NON-encrypted version of your work before bundling and encrypting.
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6. How can i debug my manually coded panoramas and guis more efficiently?
A great way to debug your panoramas and guis is to use the print() function. This function outputs to the Java console. In Windows, the Java console is located in your system tray.
By using this function in your panoramas and guis, you can monitor the values of your variables while viewing the panorama.

The Java console will also show where syntax errors have occured and display errors if certain files fails to load.
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