Whether you’re a photographer, multimedia artist or panoramic image enthusiast, the PURE TOOLS suite has the tools you need to edit and publish your 360° panoramas with ease and versatility.

Based on a modular design concept, PURE TOOLS is a highly evolved suite of tools that lets you take full advantage of the innovative functionalities of the PURE Player™ and PURE Player PRO™ panorama viewers. These tools include a range of functionalities for both professionals and amateurs to work with, including the options to
  • Edit panoramas: Convert formats, add effects, create virtual visits
  • Publish panoramas: Create Web pages, package files, encrypt data
  • View panoramas: Directly access the most recent PURE Player and PURE Player PRO viewers, customize the PURE Player PRO viewer, and more.

How to buy?

Start your suite


The PURE STARTER TOOLKIT offers the basic functionalities you need to edit and publish panoramic content.
It contains the following tools: Panorama Image Extractor, Panorama FileMaker, Lensflare Creator, Package Maker and Package Crypter.

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Customize your suite

PURE TOOL Hotspot Creator

With Hotspot Creator, the once tedious task of manually programming rich and interactive panoramic environments becomes simple and intuitive. Hotspot Creator’s simple yet functional user interface allows you to quickly create links between your panoramas, add links to the web pages, create simple virtual tours and much more.

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PURE TOOL Batch Package Maker

Batch Package Maker is a great complement to Package Maker as it allows you to automate the packaging process of multiple panorama files in one step. Packaging files for your entire panoramic project will become a breeze!

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With PROfiler, you can customize PURE Player PRO for Java to include unique transitional and other special effects that will greatly enhance the impact of your panoramic images.

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PURE TOOL Splasher

With Splasher, you can customize the loading page of PURE Player Pro for Java when launching your panoramas. It simply replaces the standard PURE Player loading page with your own 'splash page'.

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