PURE Player PRO for Java

More than just a panoramic image viewer:
Itís a full immersive multimedia player

Featuring the core technology that has made PURE Player for Java an industry favorite, the PURE Player PRO for Java offers endless possibilities for viewing panoramic content, and pushes the limits of a total immersive experience on the Web - all without the necessity of installing a plug-in.
A Dedication to Multimedia
PURE Player PRO for Java has an integral ability to recognize and incorporate a large number of media (including photographs, animation, maps and directional sound bytes) as additions to panoramic images.
Totally Configurable GUI
PURE Player PRO for Java lets you create and manage a user interface with a variety of possible widgets such as images, tactile zones, buttons, interrupters, etc. Itís wide open to creative uses.
Absolute Freedom
PURE PRO Player for Java uses a simple yet evolved language script that allows interaction between the content elements, in order to generate any desired scenario


Download code for this panorama


Open IVP files
Manage all projection formats: cubical, spherical, cylindrical or flat
Manipulate the display of panoramic image portions
Control panoramic image rotations (create vertical panoramas)
Handle objects at run time
Manage keyboard and mouse interactions
Launch script actions
PURE Player PRO for Java can display encrypted IVP files and supports all encryption types (simple, temporal and localized)
Virtual tours
Manage different tactile zone types (point, rectangle and polygon)
Actions: open new panoramic image, initiate JavaScript command, open HTML page
Control GPS coordinates and northern-point designation
Manage automatic cameras movements (pan, tilt and variation)
Manage maps: GPS, compass
Lighting effects
Add dynamic lensflare lighting effects
Display dynamic "dazzle" effects
Play ambient and directional sounds
Display still and animated pictures
Manage transitions between panoramas
Display special effects on panoramas

Graphic user interface

Widgets: pictures, buttons, switches, active areas, text areas, rectangles
Handle objects at run time
Manage keyboard and mouse interactions
Launch script actions

Script language
Easy and known syntax (similar to JavaScript)
Actions: full interaction with the panorama, the GUI and the viewer
Standard library: mathematical functions, string functions, type conversion, timing management


Once you have installed Java (version 1.1 or higher), you can visualize your panoramas with PURE Player for Java with any browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera ...) on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
We strongly recommend that you always use the latest version of Oracle Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to ensure the best performance.
You can download it from the Oracle website at www.java.com/en/download.