PURE Player for Windows

Panoramic images, right on your laptop or desktop.


PURE Player for Windows allows you to view panoramic images directly on your desktop computer with impressive quality and fluidity, even at very high resolutions. PURE Player for Windows also maintains all the standard functionality of all the PURE Player viewers.

Furthermore, panoramic content publishers will benefit from PURE Player for Windows’ transparent integration in the Windows operating system. You will now be able to see thumbnails of your panoramas when browsing your files be able to open your panoramas by simply double-clicking them.


* PURE Player for Windows works only with IVP files (packaged) created with ImmerVision’s PURE STARTER TOOLKIT.
** Contrary to PURE Player for Java and PURE Player for Flash that are embedded into a webpage, PURE Player for Windows is a standalone application.

Caption: This panoramic display is powered by PURE Player for Java


Opens IVP packaged files*
Manages all projection formats: cubical, spherical, cylindrical or flat
Manipulates panoramic image display portions
Controls panoramic image rotations (to create vertical panoramas)
PURE Player for Windows lets you view encrypted IVP files (packaged) and supports simple, temporal and localized encryption types.
WARNING! PURE Player for Windows can’t play IVP files encrypted with a domain name.
Virtual tours
Manages different tactile zone types—point, rectangle and polygon
Actions: Opens new panoramic image
Controls Northern point designation
Manages automatic paths: pan, tilt and variations
Lighting effects
Displays dynamic lens flare lighting effects
Displays dynamic "dazzle" effects

* PURE Player for Windows works only with IVP packaged files created with ImmerVision’s PURE STARTER TOOLKIT.

More on IVP packaged files


OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 500 MHz or +
RAM: 256 MB or +