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The Aerospace Industry

Panoramic viewing is key to many aerospace vision applications: for on-board entertainment, aircraft perimeter surveillance, flap monitoring or video black box systems (Cabin surveillance system). The use of panoramic optics in and on aircrafts opens the industry to a new range of possibilities that have never before been explored because of panoramic optics and viewing limitations.


Adaptable to the Aerospace Environment

The panomorph lens is customized to fit an aircraft’s environmental and physical constraints. The lenses are designed to withstand extreme conditions and vibration.

Immersive Viewing

Distortion-free Images for Multiple Purposes

Pilots can use pre-set views to seamlessly monitor aircraft’s mechanisms, cargo storage and outside the cockpit door. Passengers also benefit from immersive viewing by navigating the landscape view captured by a lens mounted below the plane. Viewing functionalities would be customized based on the lens’ location and user. Immersive navigation on recorded black box video would provide information for forensic review.

Viewing Mode Features

Digital pan-tilt-zoom allows users to navigate within a variety of 360° viewing modes.

  • Landscape view
  • Tail fin panoramic view
  • Immersive Cockpit view
  • Passenger/fuselage view
  • Cargo Storage view
  • Customized views based on panomorph lens’ location and user

Benefits and Advantages

Here are few examples of how panomorph solutions benefit the Aerospace industry.

  • Aircraft Perimeter Surveillance and surround view
  • 360° Black box video navigation
  • Panoramic view of landscape for piloting and on-board entertainment
  • Monitor cockpit operations and fuselage
  • Monitor wing flap and other aircraft mechanisms
  • Control towers and air traffic control visual awareness
  • Aircraft taxi assistance

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