Panomorph Solutions

Viewing Mode Features

Safer Roads and Autonomous Cars with More Visual Coverage

Panomorph technology expands a driver’s periphery vision and the capabilities of self-driving cars. A complete bird’s eye view of your surrounding makes driving, parking and manoeuvring your vehicle through tight spaces safer and easier.




Increased FOV

The lens is customized to withstand road vibration and operate in extreme temperatures. Gain visual awareness from lenses mounted on front and rear bumpers, as well as, side mirrors and inside the vehicle.

Lens characteristics

Distortion Profile

In automotive applications, panomorph lenses with various characteristics are customized based on the application. For example, panomorph lenses mounted on the rear bumper would have augmented resolution concentrated at the mid-zone. Lenses mounted on the side mirrors would have increased resolution emphasised on the periphery of the lens.


Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Innovative Lens-Periphery Magnifcation Defense-Pano Solutions-Distortion Profile-5 Automotive-Pano-Solutions-Distortion-Profile-3 pixel-density-chart


Bird’s eye view of vehicle’s interior through panomorph lenses, panomorph lens footprint with anamorphosis and/or increased distortion on the periphery and pixel density chart.

360° Viewing

Compatible with Analytics

Panomorph images can be processed in real-time to provide a bird’s eye view of a vehicle for parking assistance. Other analytics like lane departure warning, parking aid, road sign detection and many others can also be applied to the 360° viewing functionality.

Automoble-Pano Solutions-360 Viewing-Graphic

Viewing Mode Features

With a variety of pre-set views to choose from, drivers are offered more visual coverage.

  • Bird’s eye view/Parking assistance view
  • Rear blind spot view
  • Side blind spot view
  • Rear passenger monitoring view
  • Customized views enhanced by analytics

Benefits And Advantages

Here are few examples of how panomorph solutions benefit the Automotive industry.

  • Safer highways: increased vision, reduced casualties
  • Driver monitoring: manipulate monitoring for more awareness
  • Driver awareness: signaling the driver when there is a problem
  • Collision avoidance: awareness of pedestrians and cyclists
  • View blind spots from side mirror lens attachments
  • Hemispheric view from front and rear bumper lens attachments
  • Parking Assistance and lane departure warning
  • Vision for autonomous cars

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