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The New Era of Mobile Communication

Wide-angle panomorph solutions restore your freedom of movement with mobile devices. Now, you have the ability to move, capture and share your complete immersive surroundings and still be viewed.

Video chat

Immersive viewing on a smartphone keeps you better connected while you chat with your friends and family. With the wide-angle panomorph lens, capture everything including your face, surroundings and ambiance.

Video conference

Discover a great new way for immersive video conferencing. Never worry about laptop placement or seating again. A wide-angle panomorph lens opens up a room and captures everyone within it. Simply lay your tablet or mobile device flat on table with lens facing up and everyone is captured.

Contextual video

Watch how wide-angle panomorph solutions make video chats easy and video conferencing efficient.


Example of 360° Video Chat

Example of 360° Video Conference

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Panomorph Demo Player (Windows)Panomorph Demo Player (MaxOSX)


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