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Immersive Communication

Whether you video chat or conduct a video conference, panomorph technology enables your device with wide-angle coverage. The advanced optics expands your FOV and the immersive viewing functionality provides undistorted images. With panomorph solutions, easily conduct your conference meetings and stay better connected with friends and family.

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The Advanced Wide-Angle Lens

The panomorph optic for mobile devices is the smallest wide angle lens in the world. It’s miniaturized to fit inside any mobile device. The lens has a circular footprint and augmented resolution at the mid-zone.

Lens characteristics

Distortion Profile

For mobile device applications, the panomorph lens magnifies the mid-zone. When you hold your mobile device, your face will still be captured with the best resolution.

 Panomorph Technology-Panomorph Lens-Anamoprhosis and Midzone Magnification-1 Mid-Zone Magnification  third-textbox

Example of a mobile device equipped with a 360° panomorph lens, illustration of video conferencing, panomorph lens circular footprint with increased distortion at the mid-zone and pixel density chart.

Immersive Viewing

Immersive Viewing Without Distortion

Image processing stabilizes the movement of the smartphone or tablet. Regardless of how the user holds the device, the functionality will compensate and display an image without distortion. Users will never have to worry if their face is captured by the device’s camera thanks to customized analytics like face tracking.

Viewing mode features

Viewing mode features are flexible and allow a variety of different views.

View mode examples:

  • Complete immersive view
  • Linear view
  • Panoramic view
  • Customized views piloted by analytics

Comm&Mob-Pano Solutions-View Mode Feat-Graphic

Examples of viewing modes

Benefits and advantages

Here are a few examples of how panomorph solutions benefit the Communication & Mobile industry.

  • True mobility: free to move and still be viewed
  • Flexible usage: sitting on the couch, walking or hands free in a car
  • Ease of use: the camera will always see you
  • Multiple participants: capture everyone around you while using Skype or other video chat applications
  • “Selfies”: capture your own self-portrait or groups of friends with ease
  • Develop new applications: easy access to the 360° camera features

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