Live Data-in-Picture Technology

Immervision Live Data-in-Picture Technology – device sensor data such as GPS or Time of Day is embedded in each frame.

Live Data-in-Picture technology solves the pain points of legacy video metadata: consistency, synchronization, live streaming, and multiplatform support.

Camera systems capture high-resolution wide-angle images (from 80° to 360°) and embed synchronized and dynamic information in the image.  This meta-information is dynamic and synchronized, and stored in QR codes and other marks in each frame.

Data-in-Picture video is:


Persistent and Robust

Persistent and Robust




Data is encoded within the image and persists through any video processing, such as encoding, transcoding, and file format conversion.

Synchronized and Dynamic





Data is dynamically encoded directly into pixels in the image, and synchronized to each frame.

Low power





Data-in-picture generation is a low power process, so device battery life is extended.






Data-in-picture technology supports contextual data such as location, tracking, demographics, forensics, and identification for use in advanced applications including automotive, AR/VR, mobile, surveillance, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Data-in-Picture Enables:




  • Multi-platform real-time distortion correction
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS)
  • Image quality preservation





  • Real-time, on-demand, VR spherical video stitching and viewing
  • 360° ambisonic audio stabilisation
  • Extended battery life due to reduced power consumption





  • Multi-sensor fusion and synchronization
  • Fog-cloud contextual data sharing





  • Augmented AI analysis
  • Reduced cloud traffic and processing with edge processing

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