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Expanding the Surgeon’s View

Panomorph technology facilitates medicine. A wide-angle panomorph lens increases depth perception and expands the surgeon’s field of view inside a patient’s body. A panomorph lens on any scope increases the surgeon’s accuracy, while reducing tool manipulation and procedure time.

Health&Scie-Pano_Solutions-Expanding the Surgeon's View


Expanded Field of View for Surgeons

For endoscopy procedures, panomorph lenses are designed with augmented resolution in the center. This distortion profile allows the doctor to identify smaller objects. Panomorph optics also offers more sensor pixel coverage. Surgeons can see more resulting in less tool repositioning. The panomorph lens is miniaturized and can be specifically customized for endoscopy, gastroscopy, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, arthroscopy, and other medical procedures.


Lens characteristics

Distortion Profile

In health and science applications, lens characteristics and increased resolution is depended on the medical procedure. For laparoscopies, the resolution is concentrated in the center of the lens. For gastroscopies, augmented resolution is emphasised on the periphery of the lens.

Health&Scie-Pano_Solutions-Distortion-Profile-1 Health&Scie-Pano_Solutions-Distortion-Profile-2 Health&Scie-Pano_Solutions-Distortion Profile-3 pixel-density-chart

Animated laparoscopy procedure with panomorph scope, panomorph footprint with anamorphosis and increased distortion in the center and pixel density chart.

Immersive Viewing

Display Desired Views

Physicians and researchers can use digital PTZ on recorded video for training and research purposes. Any image captured by a panomorph lens is displayed, without distortion. Doctors can simultaneously display as many views as desired from one video source and position the view to any desired area.

Health&Scie-Pano Solutions-360 Viewing-Graphic

Viewing Mode Features

Immersive viewing allows users to navigate within a variety of views.

  • Several screens with different views for a complete overview of the surgery
  • Views adapted for each specific surgical procedure
  • Multiple view windows with customized projections
  • Complete 360° view
  • Linear view
  • Panoramic view
  • Customized views enhanced by analytics

Health&Scie-Pano Solutions-View Mode Feat-Graphic

Benefits and Advantages

Here are few examples of how panomorph solutions benefit the Health and Science industry.

  • Immersive navigation in live/recorded video for training
  • Provide the best point of view for the surgeon to analyse the situation
  • Increase the surgeon’s accuracy
  • Decrease procedure time
  • Reduce tool manipulation and repositioning inside the patient’s body
  • Fully customizable to any medical procedure
  • Enable full image stabilization

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