Panomorph EYE & AI

PanomorphEYE  – Human sight sensor for artificial intelligence revolution

For Artificial Intelligence (AI), vision is key! Cameras are replacing a variety of sensors and becoming the essential building blocks for the next generation of AI, autonomous vehicles, robots, IoT, etc. ImmerVision developed an innovative concept called PanomorphEYE combining patented panomorph optics (inspired by human eyes or eye pair) and processing, to embed data in the image for deep CNN training.


Since the mid of the 20th century, algorithms have evolved pursuing a holy grail of human intelligence from the Turing machine to the most recent reinforced deep convolutional neural networks.

In parallel, silicon has also evolved tremendously, from CPU, GPU, and Dedicated Deep Neural Net SoC to the Quantum computing, going even beyond Moore’s predictions.

Yet, vision sensors still remain narrow and limited, nothing comparable with human vision abilities. Deep neural nets are trained with narrow angle monoscopic images giving to AI the sight of a cyclops with severe glaucoma.

ImmerVision panomorph technology replicates multiple biological eyesight. More specifically, the latest research program – PanomorphEYE is mimicking human sight, enabling the Cambrian explosion of smart devices, leading to AI revolution, a path whose outcome no one can predict.




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