Immersive Viewing at Home

Keep an eye on your property and personal valuables. Having a wide-angle FOV increases visual coverage and allows the user to see everywhere at any time.


Discreet Wide-Angle Cameras

Panomorph lenses can be miniaturized to discretely integrate with cameras inside your home décor. Although the lenses are small, the panomorph optic provides the widest coverage with increased resolution for distant objects.

Immersive Viewing

Live Stream and Recorded Wide-Angle Video on Mobile Device

Immersive viewing functionality can allow live footage from a home surveillance system to be streamed directly to your mobile device. Regardless of how the camera is mounted, the viewing functionality corrects and displays images of the entire environment without distortion. Pan left and right and tilt up and down to display a preselected area with the touch of a finger, both in live streaming or playback.

Viewing Mode Features

Digital pan-tilt-zoom on your mobile devices and navigate within a variety of immersive viewing modes.

  • Complete wide-angle video without blind spots
  • Panoramic view
  • Multiple independent views from one video source
  • Application specific views

Benefits and Advantages

Here are a few examples of how panomorph solutions benefit Home Surveillance.

  • See every corner of your property
  • Powerful and discreet immersive coverage
  • Live/playback video stream to mobile device
  • No more guessing, everything is on video
  • Be aware of what happens when you’re not home
  • Live view and playback an entire event in 360°
  • Eliminate costly false alarms

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