Achieve Full Wide-Angle Coverage

Getting a full view of your environment enhances your security. That is why wide-angle coverage is at the heart of video surveillance. Regardless of your industry, panomorph solutions from your preferred brand will give you total coverage. You can either retrofit your existing video surveillance system with panomorph lenses or choose from a variety of panomorph mini domes and qualified cameras.


Optimized Resolution

Panomorph optics are more advanced than traditional wide angle lenses. Achieve better results, greater coverage and increased resolution on the periphery. Panomorph lenses offer more sensor pixel coverage which allows more visual information to be captured.


Security-Pano_Solutions-Optic-1 Security-Pano_Solutions-Optic-2 Security-Pano_Solutions-Optic-3

Lens characteristics

Distortion Profile

In video surveillance applications, we increase resolution on the periphery of the lens to better view entrances and monitor distant activities. There are two types of panomorph lenses used in this application.

2 Security-Pro Video Surveillance-Distortion Profile-2 Video Cam&Photo-Pano_Solutions-Distorion Profile-2 Video-Cam&Photo-Pano_Solutions-Distorion-Profile-5

Illustration of 360° panomorph camera, example of a security camera equipped with a 360° panomorph lens, panomorph lens footprint with anamorphosis and increased distortion on the periphery and pixel density chart.


Why its Unique-3rd text box-Panomorph Securtiy-Pro Video Surveillance-Better Results&Greater Coverage
Panomorph lens with an elliptical footprint combined with increased resolution on the periphery. The elliptical shape provides more coverage on 4:3 camera sensors. Panomorph lens with a circular footprint combined with increased resolution on the periphery.

Immersive Viewing

The Wide-Angle Video Standard

As the Wide-Angle Video Standard, panomorph viewing functionality is offered by all major VMS/NVR/DVR platforms. It is compatible with any panomorph lens and camera vendor certified ImmerVision Enables. The viewing functionality allows immersive navigation on live and recorded video. Go deep within the image and visualize immersive video without distortion.

Better Results and Greater Coverage

On the same wide-angle camera sensor, panomorph optics outperform traditional wide-angle lenses offering better image quality. There are more pixels and distant objects appear bigger and more visible.

Securtiy-Pro-Video-Surveillance-Better-Results&Greater-Coverage-1 Securtiy-Pro-Video-Surveillance-Better-Results&Greater-Coverage-2 Securtiy-Pro-Video-Surveillance-Better-Results&Greater-Coverage-3 Securtiy-Pro-Video-Surveillance-Better-Results&Greater-Coverage-4

Viewing Mode Features

ImmerVision Enables immersive viewing functionality allows you to digitally pan-tilt-zoom into any specific area. Users can navigate within live or recorded wide-angle images on any viewing mode.

  • Complete wide-angle/Bird’s eye view
  • 180° panoramic/perimeter view
  • Linear view
  • Panoramic view
  • Multiple independent views from one video source
  • Customized views enhanced by analytics


Security-Pro Video Surveillance-View Mode Feat

The Freedom to Choose

Panomorph technology gives you the freedom to choose the components of your video surveillance system that best meet your requirements. The choice is yours in terms of how you install it, which camera brand, which resolution and which special features will be part of your wide-angle solution. It also enables you to decide: how you watch, where you can watch, from which camera, and which views.

Benefits and Advantages

Here are a few examples of how panomorph solutions benefit Professional Video Surveillance.

  • Situational awareness with no blind spots
  • Increased resolution on the periphery makes distant objects appear bigger and more visible
  • Complete navigation on live and recorded immersive video
  • Easily integrates and retrofits into new or existing video surveillance systems
  • Compatibility with all major VMS/NVR/DVR platforms certified ImmerVision Enables
  • Freedom to choose preferred brand

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