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Capture More with Panomorph Devices

A panomorph lens is ideal for capturing the complete ambiance of an environment. The lens is designed to capture panoramic images and videos of vast landscapes, crowds and open spaces.


Capture High Resolution Wide-Angle Images

Panomorph lenses are designed to function on high megapixel sensors and provide images and video with high resolution.

Lens characteristics

Distortion Profile

For video camera and photography applications, increased resolution is concentrated on the periphery of the lens. All objects located farthest away from the centre of the lens will appear bigger and more visible.


Video-Cam&Photo-Pano_Solutions-Distorion-Profile-1 Video-Cam&Photo-Pano_Solutions-Distorion-Profile-2 Video-Cam&Photo-Pano_Solutions-Distorion-Profile-5

Example of an image captured with a wide-angle panomorph lens, panomorph lens footprint with anamorphosis and increased distortion on the periphery, and pixel density chart.

Immersive Viewing

Relive the Captured Moment

Immersive viewing corrects all distortion and allows digital PTZ within a wide-angle image. Relive any captured moment and navigate inside the immersive video or photo with an accurate and realistic perspective.



Viewing mode features

Digital pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) allows users to navigate within a variety of immersive viewing modes.

  • Complete immersive view
  • Linear view
  • Panoramic view
  • Customized views enhanced by analytics



Benefits and advantages

Here are a few examples of how panomorph solutions benefit Video Cameras and Photography.

  • Capture the surrounding environment
  • Capture multiple people in one shot
  • Navigate image with an immersive viewing experience
  • Share immersive videos and photos on social networks
  • Take a picture of yourself anywhere on the go

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