MONTREAL, CANADA – Immervision, the Montreal-based developer and licensor of patented, wide-angle optics and imaging technology announces two new licensing agreements for the production and distribution of patented panomorph wide-angle lenses with augmented resolution suitable for consumer and mobile applications.

The new official licensees will now mass produce panomorph lenses with augmented resolution. ACE will produce 180 field-of-view (FoV) while ZET will deliver the 125 FoV lenses. As Immervision’s number of licensed manufacturers continues to grow, Immervision technology can reach more OEM that need access to cutting-edge wide-angle lenses for aerospace, security, broadcasting, automotive and mobile solutions.

Immervision’s patented panomorph lens is a type of wide-angle lens specifically designed to perform better than traditional lenses. Improved optical parameters include: controlled distortion, MTF, F-number and relative illumination. Only certified Immervision licensees produce wide, super-wide and ultra-wide-angle lenses with all these improved parameters.

In addition, Immervision offers a suite of advanced imaging algorithms for dewarping, stitching and sensor fusion that adapt to any wide-angle lenses and any application.

About Immervision

Immervision enables intelligent vision in any device. We design wide-angle lenses with augmented resolution to see more, and AI-ready image processing to see smarter. Our technology is for smart professional applications, consumer devices, automotive, robotics, medical, and other industries. Vision is key to understanding and securing the environment and to entertaining and informing the world. Immervision continuously adapts its technology and licenses it to component manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs in the imaging eco-system.

About ACE Solutech Co., Ltd.

ACE Solutech Co., Ltd. is a newly started company with more than 6 years professional experience and is a company specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of optical lens. Now expanding its technological capabilities through various patent applications, ACE Solutech Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures a variety of applied optical lenses for biometrics, automotive, and IoT.

About ZET

Zhonglan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2011 and is a hi-tech private scientific and technological enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. The company develops and produces subminiature lens assembly and actuator (or small motor) mainly used in mobile phones.

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