An Interview with Immervision CEO, Pascale Nini & Tu revista emprendedora

While investigating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Tu revista emprendedora reached out to Immervision for an exclusive Interview with: PASCALE NINI, President and CEO of Immervision. Originally from Biarritz, France, Pascale became an active vision entrepreneur twenty years ago, when she had the foresight to seize on an emerging trend in wide-angle vision and position herself at the center of it. Through her innovative mindset and leadership, Immervision is now involved in smart vision projects around the world for new devices across industries including mobile, automotive, robotics, aerospace, IoT and security.

intelligent vision system

What was the reason for initiating the creation of JOYCE?
A: Joyce was born out of our belief that if you perfect a machine’s underlying vision system so that they have 20/20 vision, they will not only see the world, they will understand it. This is achieved through our InnovationLab, where our community of highly experienced, multidisciplinary scientists, optical designers, image processing engineers, and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence scientists work together to accelerate the development of innovation solutions to build the next generation of intelligent vision systems for devices.

How will Artificial Intelligence evolve in the world?
A:  Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Specifically, deep learning and neural network developments are making it possible for computer vision to function more like a human eye, with a wider field of view, but also the capabilities to refine a view and focus in on certain objects.

Whether it’s sensors in your car that keep the driver and passenger safe, or a Search & Rescue drone that can scan an entire mountainside and focus in on specific area in a search, AI-driven computer vision is already there, enhancing our lives.

What obstacles did you have to overcome?
Immervision is a company focused on providing the eyes of machines. We started the company 20 years ago as engineers looking for the perfect camera and when we didn’t find them, we decided to build our own. We are a company of image processing engineers, camera system engineers and lens designers. This is what is unique about us. We couldn’t find what we needed in the market, so we built it and became experts in the complete pipeline of the vision system, starting from designing the lens, designing the camera and also doing the image processing algorithm.

Will JOYCE reach a global level? In how many years?
At Immervision, we strongly believe in the value of bringing together the computer vision community to push the boundaries of machine perception through cross-pollination. As people come together and use Joyce to develop extremely innovative solutions for a wide range of industry applications, the potential for what can be accomplished increases exponentially. We can say that the more teams that are working on Joyce to advance computer vision systems, the farther the impact will be.

Will we, the end users, have access to JOYCE?
A: Joyce is for everyone. Our goal with Joyce is to give everybody the unique experience of looking through the eyes of the world’s first humanoid robot. Through Joyce’s eyes you can experience a full 360º immersive view of her environment.

What do you recommend to young entrepreneurs regarding Artificial Intelligence?
Just as we work to enable machines to act with ‘human’ vision capabilities, entrepreneurs need to combine machine learning applications and human inspired sensors with their data – the better the sensors mean the better quality of data and overall, this leads to more efficient AI functionalities.

With AI, you achieve greater results when you merge the work of the machine and your human assets. As Joyce relies on skilled engineers in the computer vision machine perception community to upgrade her meta human sensing, computing, and machine learning capabilities, you must utilize Joyce skilled teams to support your AI and ML teams to enhance your success. If you would like to find out more about JOYCE visit:

What is the company’s dream?
The company is already a well-established pioneer in wide-angle optics, sensor fusion and image processing. We are positioned to enable the next generation of highly intelligent vision systems in multiple industries. We plan to continue being at the forefront of this emerging technology. Whether it’s delivering smart camera solutions, enhancing drone vision, or keeping people safe with vehicle in-cabin monitoring, we will continue to enable the integration of other sensory inputs which will grant machines their new vision superpower.

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