MONTREAL, Canada: ImmerVision, the inventor of the 360-degree panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, has developed the world’s smallest manufactured ImmerVision Enables panomorph lens with 182 by 360 degree field-of-view. This one-of-a-kind megapixel lens designed for consumer electronic applications, measures less then 6mm and can be manufactured by leading lens providers worldwide, offering customers a panoramic view of any environment in the palm of their hand.

“This new 6mm lens is the smallest 360-degree lens in the world, making the panomorph lens one that can be developed in any size, with any image quality, for any application,” said Alessandro Gasparini, Chief Commercial Officer at ImmerVision. “There is increasing demand for 360-degree imaging capabilities on portable devices that require higher optical performance, quality and flexibility with reduced lens size and cost; all requirements which panomorph technology can meet.”

Tamaggo, a consumer technology company, recently had a leading lens manufacturer create a 14-megapixel panomorph lens with 200 by 360 degrees field-of-view. This resulted in the release of the first-ever 360-degree imager with unparalleled image quality and range, putting Tamaggo at the center of attention at the CES tradeshow last January.

Demand for panomorph lenses and distortion-free viewing is also increasing in the security industry. Come fall 2012, a new super-megapixel board-mount panomorph lens will be used in next-generation ImmerVision Enables certified mini domes from the security industry’s top-tier camera vendors.

Finally, much like JPEG or H.264 for photography and video, ImmerVision Enables has become the standard for 360-degree solutions and applications. Organizations are using this standard to develop cutting-edge 360-degree hardware and software products that are compatible between each other, offering customers complete immersive viewing everywhere and at any time.

ImmerVision is currently designing an even smaller panomorph lens than the announced 6mm. Mobile device manufacturers are gearing up to have this miniature 360-degree panomorph lens installed in smartphones and tablets.