Montreal: The IMV1-1/3 from ImmerVision is a revolutionary lens poised to take the security industry by storm. Significantly different from conventional solutions, the IMV1-1/3 is a 360° panoramic lens that works with most standard analog and new IP video surveillance systems – requiring no conversion, no additional expense and the benefit of immediate access. Developed from ImmerVision’s “panomorph” optical technology and with easy-to-install software that makes any “Immervison Enables” DVR a standard fit, the IMVI-1/3 offers a logical “next generation” choice for total surveillance requirements.

Panomorph, as it is referred to by optical scientists internationally, is “a patented wide-angle anamorphic lens that generates and controls distortion, covering at least a 180° X 360° field of view and producing an image footprint larger than a circle, with increased sensor coverage and amplified resolution in the zone of interest.” This means a larger coverage zone with the image more efficiently distributed on the sensor, increasing resolution where needed with “smart” precision.

“ImmerVision’s IMV1-1/3 panomorph lens is presently the only one that enables 360° panoramic video surveillance with a standard CS-mount CCTV video camera on traditional security networks, or with a new IP video camera on broadband networks, from 480 TVL to 1.2 megapixels,” states Alessandro Gasparini, ImmerVision’s Chief Commercial Officer. “A fisheye lens on a standard NTSC camera, for example, requires up to six (6) times more pixels on its sensors to produce the same resolution.”

“Historically,” notes Dr. Thibault, ImmerVision’s chief Optical Engineer and head of the company’s Optical Division, “army, border security agencies and transportation security planners have recognized the advantages of panoramic imaging systems that have fields of view in their coverage area of up to 180°. However, existing lenses like fisheye or mirror are disadvantaged due to blind zones and circular or annular light areas, commonly called footprints. These older optical technologies can only provide a ‘good enough’ resolution for security applications with 3 megapixels and higher IP cameras. The IMV1-1/3 panomorph lens changes all that.”

As one of the leading producers of 360° panoramic imaging software and lenses, ImmerVision offers some of the most sophisticated products and services on the market today. ImmerVision invents and brings a new 360° panoramic imaging technology to the world, with six (6) worldwide patents for its visionary technology established to date. With significant competitive advantages – superior skill sets, internationally-developed expertise and proprietary technologies, to name a few – the ImmerVision team is on a mission to create and deliver a whole new way to look at the world, through their combined panomorph lenses and software offerings. ImmerVision is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.