The Wide-Angle Video Standard

ImmerVision Enables is the recognized standard for wide-angle solutions and applications. Through combining panomorph optics and immersive viewing functionality, users have the ability to navigate within live or recorded wide-angle panomorph images. ImmerVision Enables stands for quality, compatibility, and immersive viewing without any distortion.

Panomorph Technology

Panomorph technology is comprised of patented panomorph optics and viewing functionality for optimal wide-angle image quality. The panomorph optic includes magnified zones of interest based on an innovative distortion control concept. The viewing functionality removes all added distortion and enables immersive navigation within live or recorded wide-angle video captured by any device certified ImmerVision Enables (e.g. cameras, mobile device, digital still cameras, etc.).

Cutting Edge Panomorph Optics

The panomorph optic is the most advanced wide-angle lens. The lens has wide coverage with magnification ratio adjusting resolution (pixel density) in predefined zones of interest. Magnification can be added to any desired location in any application. Panomorph lenses aren’t only restricted to a hemispheric field of view. The wide coverage can vary from 80° to 360°.

Customizable Lens

Panomorph technology is flexible and customizable. Regardless of the application’s specification or constraints, the lens’ size and resolution can be adapted to meet any specific requirement. Panomorph lenses are the only wide-angle optics that can maximize sensor coverage. It can also be used in any consumer, commercial and government application. Examples of customizations

  • Coverage
  • Dimension (miniaturization)
  • Quality and resolution
  • Resistance (mechanical, thermal, chemical)
  • Ambient environments (aerial, aquatic, space)
  • Wavelength (visible, near-infrared, thermal)
  • Cost

The Phases of Customizing Optics

Any company that wants to produce panomorph lenses can be licensed to do so. Authorized licensees can create their own lenses through the CPOD training or opt to have a certified panomorph lens designer customize their lens. Customizing optics through ImmerVision is comprised a several phases.

  1. Panomorph Simulations and Specification
  2. Panomorph Lens Designs
  3. Sample Production
  4. Characterization, Quality Control and Certification
  5. Manufacturing

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