Patented Technology

ImmerVision’s patents include panomorph lenses, immersive viewing of panomorph lenses and products. Immersive viewing is possible due to dewarping algorithms. The viewing functionality displays sections of the raw wide-angle panomorph image without distortion. Dewarping algorithms digitally correct, remove or modify image distortion and allows immersive navigation inside any live or recorded wide-angle panomorph image. Immersive navigation is also possible on multiple independent views using one panomorph video source.

Works on Many Devices

The dewarping algorithm can be easily integrated on platforms such as computers, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or other embedded systems (cameras, TVs, robots, etc.).

Image Correction for Accurate and Realistic Perspectives

Wide-angle panomorph optics use anamorphosis and/or targeted distortion to enhance the image quality in certain zones of interest. The 360° viewing functionality uses advanced dewarping algorithms to generate images with accurate and realistic perspective.


The Software Development Kit (SDK)

ImmerVision Enables’ SDK allows panomorph wide-angle viewing functionality to be integrated within any computing device. It’s comprised of the ImmerVision Enables library, sample codes and other documentation. The SDK is developer-friendly and easily adapts to any client server, personal computer, web browser or embedded hardware.

SDK Features

  • Different customizable views and projections
  • Multi-platform Libraries:
    Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android
    Portable on ARM, DSP, ASICS, FPGA, etc.
  • Detailed documentation and sample codes



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