The Benefits of Panomorph Technology

Panomorph is the best solution for wide-angle viewing. Gain more coverage, operational efficiency and better results. Panomorph is flexible, customizable and can be applied to many different applications.

Key Benefits

Panomorph technology has provided users with complete immersive experience.


Panomorph optics

  • Wide area of coverage
  • Captures complete surrounding environment
  • Panomorph lens is customized for specific applications and provides optimal sensor coverage and image quality

Immersive viewing

  • Fast and easy immersive navigation
  • Dewarped images with an accurate and realistic perspective without distortion
  • Immersive navigation on live or recorded images
  • Multiple viewing modes from one panomorph video source

ImmerVision Enables Certification

  • ImmerVision Enables quality and compatibility standard for panomorph lenses, software and products

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