MONTREAL, Canada: ImmerVision, the inventor of the 360-degree panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, announces today that Provideo’s SecurityEyes video management system now supports ImmerVision Enables, today’s leading-edge 360-degree panomorph viewing standard. With ImmerVision Enables, Provideo offers its customers a bird’s-eye view of their surroundings, eliminating blind spots, enhancing operator efficiency and decreasing response time to critical situations.

“ImmerVision Enables gives our customers the ability to fluidly navigate through bird’s-eye-view images of their surroundings in live or playback modes,” said Colin Chang, Vice President at Provideo. “More importantly, this 360-degree viewing standard is open, so our customers can also build their own best-of-breed panomorph solutions.”

By equipping new or existing cameras with ImmerVision Enables panomorph lenses, Provideo’s SecurityEyes customers transform their video surveillance platform with all-encompassing 360-degree views. Customers navigate and zoom directly within the images and can also simultaneously display a single panomorph video source in different independent views.

Provideo is thinking long-term with ImmerVision Enables as this standard goes far beyond security applications. As more hardware devices such as tablets, mobile phones and webcams incorporate 360-degree lenses, Provideo’s SecurityEyes will be able to support panomorph viewing from these devices; ultimately allowing customers to leverage enhanced coverage from a host of devices and their viewpoints.

“Provideo is a forward-thinking security solutions provider that recognizes the extensive value of 360-degree viewing and in-tile navigation,” said Alessandro Gasparini, Chief Commercial Officer at ImmerVision. “We are excited that SecurityEyes now supports ImmerVision Enables, since this 360-degree viewing standard has so much to offer Provideo’s customers, both today and in the future as more security and commercial panomorph devices are released globally.”

About Provideo

Provideo is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance surveillance products in Taiwan. Their product line includes NVR Software (POS, Access Control System, LPR, ATM), Mobile Video Recoder, Mega Pixel IP Camera/IP Dome/ IP Module, H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG IP Camera/IR IP Camera/IP Dome/IP Module/Video Server.