Improve Your Security Applications
with Next-Generation Wide-Angle
Off-the-Shelf Lenses

Discover the highest quality off-the-shelf lenses for all surveillance solutions from the world’s leading suppliers.

Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO)

The camera vision systems in today’s drones are complex. Designing these systems requires high levels of expertise spanning multiple disciplines. Maybe you don’t know where to start — or you’ve started but you don’t know how to finish — or you’ve finished but the system doesn’t perform as planned. The solution is Immervision’s Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO).

Tackle the 360° Image Quality Challenge:
Panomorph Lens vs.
Traditional Fisheye Lens

Discover how panomorph lenses solve wide-angle image quality issues such as deformed and
blurred pictures and how they differ from traditional fisheye lenses.

Be AI and Video Analytics Ready with the Most Accurate 360° Image

Understand how Immervision’s panomoprh lens technology and software can enable image quality for video analytics and AI in wide-angle applications.

Ensure Seamless Synchronization between Data and Video

Learn how Immervision’s Data-in-Picture resolves the discrepancies between data and video and their related issues by providing seamless synchronization.

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