Tackle the 360° Image
Quality Challenge


Traditional Fisheye Lens

With their increasing resolution,

360° cameras are increasingly used in security applications.

They can replace several cameras while offering
a complete panoramic view in a single image, which can be zoomed in.

To achieve this 360° image, wide-angle lenses are used.
Two choices are possible: traditional fisheye lenses and panomorph lenses.

Both types of lenses produce clear pictures in the center.
Only panomorph lenses offer clear images on the edge.


Images from Immervision panomorph lenses have a much higher
pixel density towards the edges, thus providing a higher
resolution image, as seen in the example.


Images courtesy of CBC Computar

Images from traditional fisheye lenses are compressed
and have a lower pixel density, making it often difficult
to recognize objects.

Over 25 brands worldwide offer
camera models with Immervision’s
panomorph lenses

Most of today’s VMS provide Immervision’s image processing, ensuring optimized image quality for cameras equipped with panomorph lenses.

To ensure panomorph performances are met, Immervision certifies its camera and software partners via its Immervision Enables program.

Through lens manufacturer partners, Immervision
provides camera manufacturers with a selection of
off-the-shelf panomorph lenses adapted to several
types of image sensors.

Learn how panomorph lenses are a cost-efficient solution for panoramic surveillance