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Over the past 15 years, the accuracy and range of video analytics have tremendously improved, from basic people counting to facial recognition. Today, even more than before, image quality is the gating factor to reliable video analytics results, and this is especially true when it is performed on 360 images.

Erroneous analytics results may lead to serious consequences such as an unattended luggage misidentified in an airport lobby.

When performing video analytics and AI at the edge of wide-angle images,
the choice of lens is of paramount importance.


Images from Immervision panomorph lenses have a much higher
pixel density towards the edges, thus providing a higher
resolution image, as seen in the example.


Images courtesy of CBC Computar

Images from traditional fisheye lenses are compressed
and have a lower pixel density, making it often difficult
to recognize objects.

Understand the importance of image quality in advanced video analytics and AI

Learn about the various impacting factors and how to mitigate them, and discover how Immervision’s panomorph lens technology and software can enable image quality for wide-angle applications by watching our webinar

Learn more about image quality and how it affects video analytics
and AI applications in the featured article from the spring 2020
edition of SIA Technology Insights


Quality In, Accuracy Out: Applying Video Analytics to
High-Quality Images for Effectiveness

Learn more about how video surveillance using panormorph lenses provides more accurate images for video analytics and AI applications

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