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Where Should You Start?

The vision systems in today’s drones are complex. Designing these systems requires high levels of expertise spanning multiple disciplines. Maybe you don’t know where to start — or you’ve started but you don’t know how to finish — or you’ve finished but the system doesn’t perform as planned. The solution is Immervision’s Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO).

Feeling Constrained?

Making the right trade-offs between SWAP

Drones are constantly increasing in sophistication, especially with regard to their navigation and detect-and-avoid vision systems. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t possible to keep on adding more and more cameras because of Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) constraints. One solution is to use fewer cameras, each covering a wider angle and providing more usable pixels. The problem is knowing which combination of sensors, lenses, and image processing software to use to best meet your design constraints.

Feeling Confused?

Increase clarity beyond visible line of sight

Drone designers have expertise in many areas, but this might not extend to vision subsystems. As a result, drone design teams often need to reach out to domain experts for advice and counselling, including validating specifications and selecting sensors, lenses, or complete camera systems. Is an off-the-shelf system available? Is that system “good enough”? Or does this project demand a custom solution? If you don’t know where to turn or who to ask, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

Feeling Frustrated?

Give Your Aerial Perspective A Boost

When you are designing a new, state-of-the-art drone, you want to focus on your areas of core competence, not dissipate your valuable resources outside your fields of expertise. If you lack the necessary know-how and you don’t have the required simulation and verification tools at your disposal, then struggling with specifications, clashing with SWaP constraints, and fighting your way through a camera vision design can be costly, time-consuming, resource-intensive, and frustrating.

Who do You Know?

Increase your situational awareness
with the right expertise!

There’s an old saying that “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Fortunately, you know us. We have more than 20 years of innovation, 25 patent families, 133 partners, and thousands of successful optical system designs under our belts.

We can assess, simulate, test, and validate your drone’s machine vision projects at any stage of their development. In addition to detect-and-avoid cameras, we can also advise on payload devices. Our methodology considers all aspects of the drone, including gimbles and stabilization, and accounts for all elements necessary to achieve the desired results, including sensors, lenses, lens manufacturers’ production lines, chipset vendors, etc.

Our expertise in vision systems for drone navigation, coupled with our simulation and verification software, allows us to identify the optimal solution to address your application, environmental, and lighting conditions while also meeting your SWaP constraints.

You can think of us as your camera system and machine vision technology scout, engaging with all of the other players in the ecosystem on your behalf in order to guarantee the best possible results across the complete image pipeline.

Say Hello to OPSSO

Immervision’s Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer can help you validate the performance of your vision systems before you even start to develop them. And, even if you are already in development, OPSSO can leverage our expertise to enhance your ideas, optimize your system, save costs, minimize integration problems, and better meet your goals.

By leveraging the hundreds of thousands of hours of expertise that led to our proprietary simulation and analysis suite, the world-leading team at Immervision’s InnovationLab can fully evaluate every aspect of your design and return the detailed results from our study in just two to three weeks.

Let’s Collaborate!

We really are very good at what we do. We’ve successfully designed thousands of vision systems of our own and on behalf of our clients. Our signature results-oriented approach is rooted in tight collaboration between your team and our multidisciplinary scientists, optical designers, and image processing engineers, thereby enhancing your ideas, accelerating your project, and ensuring a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Wherever you are in your development, from initial planning to early prototyping to pre-production, you really should consider taking advantage of Immervision’s Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO). We would love to work with you on your unique vision system projects, so give us a call today and let’s start collaborating together!