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Problem? No Problem!

Today’s automotive camera vision systems are complex and designing them requires high levels of expertise spanning multiple disciplines. Maybe you don’t know where to start — or you’ve started but you don’t know how to finish — or you’ve finished but the system doesn’t perform as planned.

The solution is Immervision’s Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO).

Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns

Things are bad enough if you know what you don’t know; they are worse if you don’t know what you don’t know! As a Tier 1 vendor or OEM, you have great ideas and you know what you want to achieve in your camera vision systems, but who knows what “unknowns” are lurking out there?

Unfortunately, issues can arise at any stage and in every aspect of the project, from proof of concept to high-volume production, such as in the hardware:

  • What is the ideal field of view to capture my scene?
  • How many pixels do I need?
  • Are all of the pixels reliable and of good quality?
  • How can I present the results of my camera vision system to my management or to our customers without investing a large amount of money in design and creating a prototype?

Or in software:

  • Will this design address the needs of human vision or computer vision?
  • Is my image processing optimal for the selected hardware?
  • Can I improve my convolutional neural network accuracy?

And in optimizing the design for production.

We Know Your Unknowns

We have more than 20 years of innovation, 25 patent families, 133 partners, and thousands of successful optical system designs under our belts, including creating state-of-the art camera vision systems boasting wide-angle lenses and cutting-edge image processing, simulation, and analysis software.

Our world-leading team of multidisciplinary scientists, optical designers, and image processing engineers at Immervision’s InnovationLab either already knows the answers to your questions or can quickly find those answers for you.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

In the same way that donning glasses with even slightly different lenses can significantly affect the quality of one’s visual experience, so too can the lenses used in camera vision systems dramatically affect the quality of the images being displayed to humans or fed to artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

We are experts in designs featuring wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses. Our freeform lens technology, coupled with software algorithms that correct for any distortion, enables ultra-wide-angle field of view, augmented resolution, flawless viewing, and miniaturization of optics.

When you see all we can offer, you won’t believe your eyes!

You’ve Got Questions,
We’ve Got Answers

You’ve got a great idea for a camera vision system. You want your group to shine. But you may not have all the necessary skills internally to get the job done.

  • Are your challenges in specification, realization, integration, or production?
  • Is your system to be deployed inside or outside the car?
  • How can you increase the number of useful pixels from your camera?
  • How can you streamline the number of cameras?
  • What’s the best way to implement sensor fusion to take full advantage of vision, lidar, and radar?

Whatever your concerns, we have the expertise available if you need it and we would love to collaborate with you to provide any answers you require.

Introducing OPSSO

Immervision’s Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer can help you validate the performance of your camera vision system before you even start to develop it. And, even if you are already in development, OPSSO can leverage our expertise to enhance your ideas, optimize your system, save costs, minimize integration problems, and better meet your goals.

By leveraging hundreds of thousands of hours of expertise that led to our proprietary simulation and analysis suite, the team at Immervision’s InnovationLab can fully evaluate every aspect of your design and return the detailed results from our study in just two to three weeks.

Let’s Start Collaborating Together

We really are very good at what we do. We’ve successfully designed thousands of vision systems of our own and on behalf of our clients. Our signature results-oriented approach is rooted in tight collaboration between your team and our multidisciplinary scientists, optical designers, and image processing engineers, thereby enhancing your ideas, accelerating your project, and ensuring a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Wherever you are in your development, from initial planning to early prototyping to pre-production, you really should consider taking advantage of Immervision’s Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO). We would love to work with you on your unique camera vision system projects, so give us a call today and let’s start collaborating together!

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