Feeling Software to Demonstrate Integration with ImmerVision 360° Lens

Montreal (Canada): Feeling Software and ImmerVision announce today that the integration of ImmerVision 360° Panomorph lens into Feeling Software Omnipresence 3D Security System has been completed. This integration will be demonstrated at the ISC West security tradeshow in Las Vegas from March 24th to 26th.

Omnipresence 3D was created with the goal of bringing 3D graphics technology, traditionally the domain of video games and film, to power new applications in physical security. As a visual platform for complex, critical security systems such as airports, nuclear facilities, and universities, Omnipresence uses an interactive 3D map to present the big security picture of a facility and all of its security assets.

“The integration of ”ImmerVision Enables” 360° immersive viewing functionality into Feeling Software’s Omnipresence 3D Security System offers users the ability to eliminate blind spots and heighten situational awareness when using analog or IP cameras equipped with Panomorph lenses.” said Alessandro Gasparini, ImmerVision’ SVP – Sales & Marketing and Chief Commercial Officer.

“Omnipresence can already show hundreds of cameras at once in a realistic 3D environment and allow you to follow suspects effortlessly,” said Christian Laforte, CEO of Feeling Software, “until now, facilities have been plagued by blind spots, which become even more obvious when you have a 3D map and can actually see an entire floor’s coverage (and blind spots) at once. Using Omnipresence 3D with ImmerVision’s Panomorph lenses, you see everything, everywhere, all the time.”

Demonstrations of both ImmerVision and Feeling Software technologies will be seen at the booths of Feeling Software (#9134) and ImmerVision (#11115) at ISC West.

About Feeling Software:

Feeling Software is driven to advance security technology for improved public safety and private security. With its 3D and Mobile technologies, Feeling Software broadens the reach of the video surveillance ecosystem to new levels of accessibility and context.

Montreal-based Feeling Software was founded in 2005 by brothers Christian and Guillaume Laforte. Prior to developing technology for security, Feeling Software applied its expertise in 3D graphics to contracts with technology leaders such as Google, Adobe and the Canadian Space Agency in the geospatial, simulation, and video gaming industries. www.feelingsoftware.com