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LNT Camera Designs?

LNT, refers to Laptop, Notebook and Tablet computers, but what do we mean when we say “Next-Generation or LNT Camera Designs”?

Well, it’s important to note that the “cutting-edge” camera modules that will be appearing in the new generation of LNT devices coming out during 2022 have already been designed, they’ve already been developed, and they’re already in production. Similarly, the next generation of camera modules are already on the drawing board to be developed in 2022 and deployed in 2023. What we are talking about here is the next-next generation of camera modules, which will start to appear in LNT devices on the market in 2024 or 2025.

Undertaking one of these next-generation designs can be a daunting experience. What technologies are going to be available? What do you need to know? Where should you start? Fortunately, we have a tremendous amount of expertise in this area. This expertise is augmented by our internally developed simulation, metrology, and calibration tool suites. Wherever you are in your development, we are here to help.

We Are Already Working
on Next-Generation LNT
Camera Designs

The need for LNT machines to migrate to having smaller, higher resolution cameras that offer lower latencies and support wider FOVs — combining the latest and greatest lens, sensors, and image processing software technologies — all play well into Immervision’s core competencies.

Immervision is currently working on these next-generation camera systems, which will be used by the OEMs who develop those LNT machines. And this is just the start, because Immervision is also evaluating even more advanced technologies — such as liquid lenses (with micro-actuators to control zoom and focus) and meta-lenses (which will support flat lens-sensor combos less than 1 mm thick) — with the view of deploying these technologies sooner than you think.

Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation
Offer (OPSSO)

Our Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO) can help you validate the performance of your camera vision system before you even start to develop it. And, even if you are already in development, OPSSO can leverage our expertise to enhance your ideas, optimize your system, save costs, minimize integration problems, and better meet your goals.

Whatever your concerns, we have the expertise available and would love to collaborate with you to provide any answers you require.


Our Optical Metrology and Calibration Offers address the needs of optical, system, and production engineers working with all forms of wide-angle lens assemblies and camera systems.

We’ve developed a suite of hardware and software optical metrology and calibration tools that are applicable to several camera systems – whether they are employing any variation of rotationally invariant aspheric to fully freeform implementations of standard, wide-angle, super-wide angle, ultra-wide-angle, or fisheye lenses. 

Based on these tools, we offer a variety of optical metrology and calibration services ranging from benchmarking the parameters of a single lens, to calibrating a single camera system, to crafting custom metrology and calibration testbenches tailored for deployment in laboratory or production environments.


Our InnovationLab is at the forefront of optical camera systems development, equipped with cutting-edge optical technology hardware and software coupled with our world-leading team of multidisciplinary scientists, optical designers, and image processing engineers.

By leveraging our expertise, we can accelerate the development of your innovative concepts and help you build the next generation of intelligent camera vision systems for deployment in your targeted environment.


We really are very good at what we do. We’ve successfully designed thousands of vision systems of our own and on behalf of our clients. Our signature results-oriented approach is rooted in tight collaboration between your team and our multidisciplinary scientists, optical designers, and image processing engineers, thereby enhancing your ideas, accelerating your project, and ensuring a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Wherever you are in your development, from initial planning to early prototyping to pre-production to full production, you really should consider talking to us and taking advantage of our Study and Simulation Offer and our Optical Metrology and Calibration Offers. We would love to work with you on your unique vision system projects, so give us a call today and let’s start collaborating together!

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