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Joyce by immervision, is excited to announce its new partnership with lifineo,the innovative voice on light ® (vol) technology provider that’s revolutionizing people and objects geolocation and data generated through light.

The integration of Lifineo with JOYCE’s visual cortex will give her superhuman sight and lead to the development of innovative industrial and consumer applications for transport, health, retail, as well as IoT. Immervision is announcing a new partner for JOYCE, the...

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Lilin 推出了 Immervision 认证的 360 全景相机 2020 年 3 月 06 日

  Lilin 推出了 Immervision 认证的 360 全景相机 2020 年 3 月 06 日中国台湾新北市——LILIN 今天宣布推出 360 Immervision Enables 认证的全景相机,分别为具有 120 万像素的 F2R36C2IM 和具有 8 百万像素的 F2R3682IM。F2R36C2IM 和 F2R3682IM 全景相机已通过 Immervision Enables 的认证,已注册…  Immervision 宣布与镜头制造商 ACE Solutech Co.,...

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