Our Vision

Creating solutions to see beyond human vision

Enabling a machine to understand input is complex. It is machine multi-sensory integration, not processing power, that limits further progress.

To enable a machine to exceed human vision and unlock the full potential of AI, we develop advanced wide-angle optics with enhanced image processing and sensor fusion technologies. Our Deep Seeing Technology enables hardware and software manufacturers to equip smart devices with intelligent vision.

Our Technology

Breakthrough Technology

Our Deep Seeing technology rests on commercially-ready patented technology breakthroughs: Wide-angle optics with panomorph vision for augmented resolution and flawless viewing, Sensor Fusion with Data-In-Picture to dramatically improve data collection from video frames and Image Processing algorithms including Real-Time Adaptive Dewarping for outstanding image quality.


Pascale Nini

Executive Chairwoman

Originally from Biarritz, France, holding a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s in psychology, Pascale Nini worked as a psychologist for three years before becoming an entrepreneur. She set up her first company in France in the home theater technology sector, then invested in a panoramic imaging project capable of creating 360-degree vision. This project gave birth to Immervision. Accompanied by her key engineers, Pascale Nini, who took on the role of CEO in the company, moved Immervision to Montreal in 2003. 

Twenty years ago, she had the ability to seize an emerging trend in wide-angle vision and position herself right at the center of it. The best way to describe Pascale Nini is her innovative mindset and leadership. Immervision is now involved at the international level defining intelligent vision for all new devices in any industries such as mobile, automotive, robotics, aerospace, IoT and security. She understands that success comes not only from innovation but also from perseverance, teamwork and adaptation. 

Today, she has decided to take on the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of Immervision. She also serves on the boards of the Conseil du Patronat du Québec (CPQ), La Table Ronde, Qmed (an American company) and MedMira (a public company in Halifax, Canada), where she shares her expertise and experience. 

Michel Van Maercke

Chief Executive Officer

Michel Van Maercke is a serial CEO and long-time technology industry veteran. He holds a Master’s Degree in Commercial Engineering from the University of Antwerp. After working for the likes of KPMG and Elementis Specialties (LON: ELM), Van Maercke led the Belgian stock quoted company, Punch Telematix (Euronext: PTX) until it was acquired by US Industry Technology Company Trimble Inc. (NASDAQ: TRMB).

Subsequently, Van Maercke acquired at the end of 2017 Silex Insight SA, a worldwide specialist in embedded video and security. He became CEO of Silex in 2018 and grew the company to such successes that the security part was acquired in 2022 by Secure-IC (a global leader of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions) and the video business in the same year by the Australian stock quoted Audintate Group Ltd (ASX: AD8).

Alessandro Gasparini

Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Alessandro joined lmmervision in 2005 as Chief Commercial Officer and over time his responsibilities encompassed multiple functions of the company before being appointed to Executive Vice President. He is responsible for leading lmmervision’s commercial strategy, overseeing the company’s global business growth and worldwide deployment of Immervision technology and services. Alessandro has over two decades of experience in strategic management and planning, business development, sales and marketing in emerging technology. Prior to Immervision, he was the Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Business Development at Polyplan Technologies, which was acquired by PTC.

Patrice Roulet Fontani

Vice President, Technology and Co-Founder

Patrice is co-founder of Immervision where he leads the engineering team, contributes to IP growth and the adoption of Immervision’s technology by global corporations. He has overseen the integration of wide-angle imaging technology in numerous industry verticals. Prior to Immervision, Patrice contributed to research in the robotic surgery field for INRIA. He is an IEEE Senior Member who has spoken at various conferences and co-authored multiple publications and patents. Patrice holds a master’s degree in image processing in computer graphics.

Prof. Simon Thibault, P.Eng., MSc, Ph.D.

Principal Optical Designer

Simon Thibault is Immervision’s Principal Optical Designer working on cutting edge panomorph optic design, applied research, as well as leading in pure research. Simon is a professor in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Optics at Université Laval, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in physics and engineering physics. At Immervision, Simon’s involvement helps create an environment conducive for innovation and progress within the research group.

SPIE and OSA Fellow, he is also the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Optical Design, supporting a world-class infrastructure for optical training and sits on several international conference program committees. He has authored over 250 scientific papers and holds some 20 patents.

Immervision corporate timeline

  • 2000


    • Founded in France
    • First generation image stitching software
  • 2001


    • Patent applications filed: Targeted Distortion (Distortion Control)
    • Patent applications filed: Panoramic lens with anamorphosis
    • First Virtual Reality imaging prototype
  • 2002


    • Launch Immersive Java Viewer
  • 2003


    • Established headquarters in Montreal, Canada
    • First CS Mount panomorph lens design prototype
  • 2004


    • WebCube 360° consumer PC camera
    • Launch PanoPrinter
  • 2005


    • First wide-angle lens with freeform elements
    • Term « panomorph » was coined
    • World’s first CS Mount panomorph lens for Video Surveillance and Commercial Applications, Immervision branded IMV1-1/3
    • First generation online multimedia panorama viewer (PURE)
  • 2006


    • Second rank in popularity for Immervision’s 360°pure player after QuickTime VR
    • First 360° digital morphing to navigate from a panomorph image to an immersive view
  • 2007


    • First panomorph lens design for immersive projection system (Panoscope)
    • Award for North American Technology Innovation of the Year from Frost & Sullivan for panoramic imaging
  • 2008


    • LWIR wide-angle lens design
    • Developed first (M12) board mount panomorph lens for mini-dome
    • PGMS software for simulating panomorph 360° lens design
    • First long wave infrared (LWIR) panomorph lens design
    • First panomorph lens design for the space industry
    • First freeform panomorph lens design for automotive
    • First Picture-in-Picture image fusion algorithm
  • 2009


    • First wide-angle lens for automotive with freeform elements
    • Digital MTF simulation for panomorph images
    • Launch certified panomorph optical designer (CPOD) program
  • 2010


    • First panomorph lens design for medical application
    • First panomorph lens design for drone
    • First joint-design Immervision and Fujifilm (Fujinon) 5 MP panomorph lens design for video security application
  • 2011


    • First all-plastic wide-angle lens for consumer devices with freeform elements and anamorphosis
  • 2012


    • Immervision Enables SDK available on mobile platforms Android, iOS
    • First Live 360° panomorph camera available for consumer market
    • New M12 (board mount) panomorph lenses for security, professional and industrial applications
    • Panomorph lens for aircraft application
  • 2013


    • Research publication on first stereoscopic (3D) panomorph system
    • Panomorph lens for broadcast applications using freeform lens
  • 2014


    • Patent applications filed: Immervision Enables 2.0 image markers
    • Launch world’s smallest panomorph lens for mobile applications
  • 2015


    • Patent applications filed: Image quality optimization method
    • Launch first 6K 360° broadcast panomorph camera
  • 2016


    • High-resolution wide-angle lenses for mobile phones
    • Patent applications filed: Real-time image assembly for low power, high quality 360° content capture, sharing and viewing
    • 4K panomorph lens for security, professional and industrial applications
    • Miniature 187° 8MP panomorph lens for smartphones and mobile applications
    • Miniature 187° 21MP panomorph lens for consumer products
  • 2017


    • Patent applications filed: Stereoscopic wide-angle lenses
    • Panomorph technology into mass-market wide-angle consumer devices (Motorola, Acer, Garmin, Quanta Computer)
    • Launch Video Distortion Correction
    • Robot vision with panomorphEYE
  • 2018


    • New corporate image
    • PanomorphEYE Development Kit in pre-order
  • 2019


    • Strategic partnership CEVA and Immervision
    • Multiples patents granted for Panoramic camera, Miniature wide-angle lens, Method for designing an optimization apparatus for a camera having a lens with non-uniform parameter
    • Research publication on miniature lens and optics using metasurfaces
    • Panomorph technology into mass-market wide-angle consumer devices (Crosscall, Insta360)
    • Launch 125 FoV best smallest wide-angle panomorph camera module for mobile
    • Adaptive video Dewarping first WYSIWYG distortion correction algorithm
    • PanomorphEYE technology human sight sensor for AI mimicking human vision
  • 2020


    • Wide-angle lens for space exploration
    • US patents granted for constant resolution continuous hybrid zoom system
    • Advanced Adaptive Dewarping for perfect picture and video with face protection
    • Super high resolution 125° wide-angle panomorph lens for smartphone video recording


Leading Companies that are Differentiating their
Products with Immervision Technology

Insta360 GO

The twenty-gram steady cam

The Insta360 GO is the world’s smallest stabilized camera with Immervision ultra-wide angle panomorph lens.

Users can easily shoot 30 or 60-second clips with the Insta360 GO and then its AI will help to discover and edit their best shots. The Insta360 GO is small enough to go places that other camera can’t while capturing every angle without getting in the way.

See the product

Crosscall Trekker-X4

The first smartphone with an embedded action camera

Crosscall has created the Trekker-X4, the world’s first smartphone to integrate an action camera. With a 170° panomorph lens and Immervision algorithms at its core, the Trekker-X4 provides stabilized wide-angle images, with a perception as close to the human eye that a camera can get.

This sophisticated device flawlessly combines the functions of an action camera with smartphone technology. Beyond world class smartphone features into a ruggedized and water resistant unique designed case, the Trekker-X4 smartphone offers everything you would expect from a top of the line action camera allowing you to experience, capture, edit and share all of life’s moments.

See the product

Moto 360 Camera

Capturing 360° high resolution photos and videos

The Moto 360 Camera with its integrated front and rear high-resolution ultra wide-angle panomorph lens provides high quality spherical 360° views.

This camera add-on is an accessory available for the Moto Z family of smartphones and has outstanding low-light performance and superior image quality across the entire field of view.

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Garmin VIRB 360

Capturing a complete sphere of high-resolution video up to 5.7k

The Garmin VIRB 360 is a rugged, waterproof camera. This action camera with ultra wide-angle Immervision panomorph lenses captures a complete sphere of high-resolution video up to 5.7K and 360-degree audio — even photos.

The VIRB 360 is the first of its kind, eliminating lengthy editing processes with unrivaled one-click 4K spherical stabilization for smooth and steady footage — no matter how rough the adventure.

See the product

Acer Holo360

Capture, view, edit and share – all in one device

We helped Acer launch the Holo360, its 360° 4K camera. This handheld camera is equipped with two ultra wide-angle panomorph camera lenses and captures consistent images of the highest quality across the entire field of view. With the latest Immervision Enables 2.0 technology, the Holo360 combines the power to stitch videos in real-time with no visible stitching seam, integrated LTE connectivity, and a 3-inch touchscreen for operation.

The Acer Holo360 all-in-one camera allows end users to capture, view, edit and share the whole 360⁰ picture with a single device.

See the product

Quanta Pi SOLO

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand while providing complete 360⁰ coverage

Quanta Computers together with Immervision developed the Pi SOLO, the world’s first VR add-on 360ᵒ camera for mobile devices, with the latest high resolution 360ᵒ x 187ᵒ panomorph lens. Along with our high-resolution, super wide-angle panomorph lens, Immervision’s advanced dewarping algorithms provide high quality stabilized videos for the Pi SOLO.

The very versatile Quanta Pi Solo can be used as a stand-alone 360⁰ camera, a wearable camera when clipped onto a helmet or jacket or it can easily attach to any smartphone.

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