Expertise with Image Processors

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve mastered the best ways to utilize image processors from Qualcomm, Intel, IndieSemi, TI, Ambarella and others, ensuring your images always look fantastic.

Delivering Camera-Agnostic IQ Tuning

No matter what camera or system you use, we make the image quality better. This works for automotive, drones, PCs, security, mobile, conferencing and more.

Complete Support - Design to Production

From the initial design to mass production, we ensure high-quality images and seamless collaboration with suppliers, guiding you at every step.

End-to-End Software Solutions

Our expertise spans from low level driver and software development to image tuning, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional image quality.




Objective Testing
Subjective Testing
Performance KPI


​3A (AF / AE / AWB)
Image Processing Algorithms
Peripherals ​


Low Level Drivers
ISP FW Customization
Algorithms Implementation
Test Automation


Support Vision System RFP/RFQ /RFI
Camera Components Selection Guideline
Manufacturing Support

On Camera Intrinsic Calibration
Customized Image Quality Test Plans



Enhancing image quality for effective threat detection and comprehensive surveillance, crucial for ensuring safety and targeted vulnerability reduction.


In collaboration with OEMs and Tier 1s, we enhance image quality for applications like ADAS, In-Cabin, Mirror Replacement, Surround View, and Parking Assistance.


Leveraging our image quality expertise, we equip devices to deliver superior visual data, excelling even in challenging low-light conditions.


Our advancements in image quality services, supported by innovative algorithms and precise calibration techniques, significantly enhance the visual experience.


Our specialized image quality services refine display sharpness and color accuracy, giving superior visual standards for an enhanced personal computing experience.

Embracing Innovation


When it comes to digital images, two distinct approaches are taken to optimize them: one for the pleasure and usability of humans, and the other for the precision and utility of machines.

Human Vision Consumption

Enhancing images for the human eye, IQ Services enhances color richness, sharpness, and detail to bring out the best in every image. Our goal is to ensure that visuals are not only seen, but are a true and precise reflection of the moment, capturing and conveying content with the highest fidelity.

Machine Vision Consumption

Our image optimizations are designed for flexibility of machine vision applications. With advanced preprocessing, noise reduction, and dynamic range enhancements, we prepare images to be effortlessly interpreted by algorithms, ensuring adaptability for future technological advancements.



At our Image Quality Lab based in Sofia, Bulgaria, we ensure every camera meets exceptional standards. In a city known for its technical talent, our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced professionals dedicated to image excellence.

Our IQ Lab stands at the forefront of imaging perfection. Leveraging local expertise and global standards, we are dedicated to serving our clients with the commitment to deliver the highest quality imaging.

With over two decades of experience, we are leading the way in vision systems innovation. Our expertise is the result of many years of close collaboration with customers around the globe, gaining a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges.

Our Image Quality Lab – Sofia, Bulgaria

Innovation and quality are at the forefront of everything we do at Immervision IQ LAB. Our dedication to advancing the science of imaging allows us to provide our clients with not just superior image quality, but also a vision for the future.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that every product we touch sets a new standard in the industry.

Teodor Todorov

Vice President, Image Quality and
General Manager, Immervision IQLAB

About Teodor Todorov
With his visionary inception of “IQ Tuning Valley” in Bulgaria, he embarked on his journey of redefining image quality in 2007. As a leader in mobile and automotive imaging, he has played a pivotal role in launching over 50 cameras to the market, many of which have received accolades for their innovation. With 15 years of leadership, he has cultivated expertise as a team lead, manager, and educator. His portfolio, centered on pioneering image quality, includes:

The world’s first ultra-high megapixel camera phone
Pioneering high-end camera technology integrated into eyewear
Developing cutting-edge gaming phones
Crafting award-winning conference devices
Innovating multipurpose Automotive RGB-IR in-cabin cameras for dual video conferencing and computer vision capabilities
Developing high quality security cameras


Objective Testing

In our image quality lab, we check cameras with top-notch tools and clear steps to make sure they work great.

Advanced IQ Lab Equipment
Consistent Test Results
Exclusive Test Coverage
Comprehensive Reporting
Automated Test Execution

Subjective Testing

At the intersection of technology and perception lies our subjective testing methodology – a critical component of image quality verification that interprets how end-users will experience the visual output. Our sophisticated approach involves:

Real Tests
Custom Scenarios
Clear Criteria
What We Expect
Easy Reports
Cameras Comparison

Performance KPI

Our evaluation of Performance KPIs sets the stage for superior camera functionality. Our comprehensive analysis lays the groundwork for subsequent optimization. Some examples:

Frame Rate
Shot to Shot Time
Shutter Lag
Startup Time
Auto Focus Time
3A Convergence
...and many more


To define excellence, one must measure against the best. In our image quality verification process, benchmarking is a critical evaluation that establishes how tested cameras stack up in the competitive landscape. Through benchmarking, we:

Assess Against Industry Leader
Highlight Competitive Advantages
Ensure Market Relevance
Drive Continuous Improvement


The core of the tuning begins with the precise characterization of the optical system, where we gather raw sensor data used to generate the Image Signal Processor (ISP) tuning configuration. Optimizing every processing block in the ISP is crucial to ensuring the highest quality of visual content for those who demand excellence.

The steps of the ISP tuning process, essential for transforming raw camera data into visually striking content.

3A (AF / AE / AWB)

The essential trio of Auto Focus, Exposure, and White Balance is fine-tuned to respond swiftly and accurately, guaranteeing the images are sharp, well exposed and color balanced in any lighting condition.

Intelligent exposure control that adapts to diverse lighting
Precise focus calibration for fast and reliable subject capture
White Balance adjustment for impeccable color accuracy across different environments

Automatically adjust the correct exposure without need of user input.

Image Processing Algorithms

Post-processing algorithms serve as optional yet complementary enhancements to the ISP output. They contribute significantly to the superior quality of the vision system output. We rigorously optimize these algorithms along with a full spectrum of tuning techniques to ensure every image meets the highest professional standards.

HDR to preserve details in both bright and dark areas of high-contrast scenes
Digital zoom for high-quality magnification for distant subjects
Stabilization techniques to ensure sharp images under movement and vibration
Multi Frame Noise reduction for clean image quality in low-light without detail loss
Low-light performance that improves clarity in dim conditions without excessive noise
AI based scene detectors to identify captured objects and adapt quality accordingly


Our peripheral solutions are designed to complement your camera system, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging conditions. These enhancements prevent common issues such as poor lighting and unstable imaging, guaranteeing that no moment is lost. By integrating advanced peripheral technologies, we enhance the camera’s ability to capture every detail with precision, regardless of the external environment.

Fine-tuning Flash Systems

We intelligently regulate fill light with our fine-tuned flash systems, ensuring each photograph has the perfect balance of light and shadow, enhancing both the clarity and depth of your images.

Tuning Visible and IR LED lighting control

Giving consistent, natural-looking videos and smooth adaptation.

TOF Auto Focus laser assistance

Improves focus speed and precision in challenging condition where traditional contrast focus fails.

Optical image stabilization

Enhances image clarity by compensating for camera shake and vibrations, ensuring sharp, focused images even in unstable or dynamic shooting conditions.


Behind every great camera, there is sophisticated software driving its performance. We specialize in creating and refining the digital components that empower cameras to capture the world with stunning clarity:

Low Level Drivers

These are the essential bits of code that enable the camera’s hardware and operating system to communicate smoothly. We develop drivers that ensure your camera’s features are fully accessible and operating at peak performance.

ISP FW Customization

The Image Signal Processor (ISP) firmware (FW) defines the image pipeline and steps needed to convert raw data into a useful image. FW customization can improve processing time, enable or enhance advanced features, such as high dynamic range imaging and noise reduction, resulting in a richer and more vibrant image output.

Image Post-Processing Algorithms Implementation

We can integrate algorithms into the camera’s software, ensuring that each image is automatically polished to perfection with advanced processing techniques like sharpening, color grading, and exposure correction.


Speed and reliability in testing are crucial. We automate the testing of camera software to quickly find and fix bugs, and to accelerate the optimization process.



Navigating the complexities of camera system development requires nuanced decisions and expert guidance. Our consultancy services are designed to align your vision with the tangible quality of your final product. From component selection to calibration and testing, we provide a comprehensive suite of consultancy offerings:

Support Vision System RFP/RFQ/RFI

We offer comprehensive support during the RFP (Request for Proposal), RFQ (Request for Quotation), and RFI (Request for Information) stages, ensuring you have the technical and commercial support you need. Our team provides detailed technical studies and documentation to supplement your information, and we assist in defining precise requirements and specifications to optimize camera components and overall system performance.


Our team ensures quality remains consistent throughout the product’s lifecycle, managing variations and establishing robust criteria for end-of-line testing. We provide comprehensive support to facilitate a seamless implementation and continuous quality monitoring efforts.

Camera Components Selection Guideline

We guide you in choosing the right components for your camera, balancing budget, expected quality, and specific use cases to ensure optimal selection.

Customized Image Quality Test Plans

Every camera use case is unique. We develop custom test plans and quality standards that highlight and support the specific needs of your main camera application, ensuring that your camera performs exceptionally in its intended environment.

On-Camera Intrinsic Calibration

We can integrate algorithms into the camera’s software, ensuring that each image is automatically polished to perfection with advanced processing techniques like sharpening, color grading, and exposure correction.

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