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Wide-Angle Lenses for All Consumer
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Discover ou next-generation miniature wide-angle lenses for consumer electronics solutions, from the world’s leading suppliers.

Cinematic Is The New Trend

The next-generation optical design in the Immervision Cinematic solution provides professional-level cinematic effects. This innovation comes from combining freeform and anamorphic lenses with video distortion correction software. Technology advancements include increased aspect ratio (to 16:9 and beyond (e.g. 21:9)) and elimination of lost FoV or pixels on the top, bottom or corners of the video.

Off-The-Shelf, 125 Field of View Wide-Angle Lens With Flagship Image Quality

Our 125⁰ wide-angle mobile lens delivers the industry’s  best performance. It is designed with the highest crucial metrics commonly found in high-end wide-angle cameras and integrates them into a single lens for the highest flagship quality images.

Video Distortion Correction In Real Time

Wide-angle imaging is now mainstream; however, ultra wide-angles cause more distortion. With Immervision’s new algorithm you can now fix stretched bodies, protect face and body proportions while straightening the lines in real time.

64 MP Super Wide-Angle Lens For Highest Resolution On The Market

Developed in partnership with sensor manufacturer Samsung LSI and lens manufacturer ZET, this unique 2 in 1 design combines 125⁰ super wide-angle with autofocus and 85⁰ standard camera capabilities in a single design.

64 MP resolution super wide-angle camera and 30 MP main camera in one.

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