World Premiere 125 Wide-Angle Autofocus 64 MP Lens

A unique first design of a 125 wide-angle lens with super high 64 megapixels and auto-focus functionality has been developed in partnership with Samsung LSI and lens manufacturer ZET.

The partnership takes full advantage of Samsung LSI GW1 powerful sensor. Eventually, other innovative designs will be brought to market as OEMs and partners will take on this innovative challenge.

2 in 1: Super Wide-Angle Autofocus and High-Resolution
Main Camera in One Single Design

Never seen before in such a lens design, Immervision offers the new 2 in 1 feature that has been developed in first lenses for 64 MP or 48 MP sensors.

2 in 1 functionality combines 125⁰ super wide-angle with autofocus and 85⁰ standard camera capabilities in a single camera module.

2 in 1 key advantages

  • Reduces costs and challenges when integrating multiple cameras
  • Ensures reliability in production and across the product life cycle, with easier module manufacturing
  • No multi-camera fusion and parallax artefacts
  • Efficient and low power real-time software processing
  • Super high-resolution sensor
  • On Samsung GW1 64 MP for full super wide FoV (125° FoV)  and  30 MP for main camera (85° FoV)
  • On Samsung GM5 48 MP for full super wide FoV (125° FoV) and 21 MP for main camera (85° FoV)
  • High quality panomorph lens with controlled distortion
  • Camera module with autofocus capabilities

Illustration of parallax and color departure effect of multicamera system (montage pic A and B as per example)

Side by side with single picture A

New Software Functionality 

To leverage the optical 2 in 1 design, Immervision has developed a software with a digital Continuous Zoom function.