125 Field of View
Wide-Angle Lens

with Flagship Image Quality

Speed Time-to-Market with
Off-the-Shelf Wide-Angle Lens

Smartphone manufacturers are challenged with meeting the increased consumer demand for better performance while lowering cost of development. Doing this rapidly is a requirement of remaining competitive.  A pre-configured, off-the-shelf wide-angle lens now available for OEMs is quickly becoming the industry standard.  Proven to outperform all other wide-angle lenses, the Immervision 125 wide-angle off-the-shelf lens enables smaller and emerging market entrants to quickly and efficiently compete with industry incumbents.

Pre-Configured Lens Reduces
Engineering and Manufacturing Requirements

Consumers expect professionally quality images from their smartphone cameras. However, on the manufacturer’s end, packing more scene on the sensor creates distortion on the lens.  A pre-configured solution addressing these requirements eases engineering and manufacturing needs. Immervision’s 125 wide-angle lens cuts investment and time: no need for design, tooling and testing. The lens is available for mass production.

Outperform Your Competition by Integrating
Immervision’s Industry-Leading Wide-Angle Lens

Highest Image Quality Output. Industry’s best distraction limit and low light at 1.9 (F #). Best balance of image quality and distortion control in one product. Easy Integration.

The Immervision 125 wide-angle smartphone lens (samples available by JMO, module by OFILM) is an off-the-shelf wide-angle 125-degree lens that delivers flagship performanceIts design encompasses the highest crucial metrics and specs found in different wide-angle smartphone cameras. Immervision has integrated them all into one single lens, to give the highest flagship quality to this super wide-angle lens. It is compatible with and preconfigured around popular sensors available in the market.

Download our benchmark of wide-angle cameras looking at performance by sensor size,  Aperture-f/#, Field of View Module Z-Height and Image Quality.  See how the Immervision 125 wide-angle lens is unique in delivering the highest image quality available in its category by combining key competitive specifications.

Immervision’s 125
Wide-Angle Smartphone Lens

Delivering the highest quality available in its category

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4 Metrics You Need
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Learn How Image Quality, f/#, Distortion and Relative Illumination Are Key to Deliver High Quality Images