in Real Time

Wide-Angle is the trend

Demand for video recordings from mobile devices has skyrocketed. However, watching a video on today’s smartphone screens brings challenges related to distortion and image quality due to wide-angle capture. 

Image processing is key to solving these issues. Today’s smartphone OEMs solve only a part of the issue by post-processing and trade-offs between face, body and straight lines. 

One Single Distortion Correction
Does Not Fit All Cases

The traditional wide-angle lens captures distorted images and videos, with curved lines, stretched bodies and distorted faces. 

The results with today’s smartphones are curved buildings and distorted people.  

Immervision’s New Offer:
Real-Time Algorithms for Face and Body
Protection with Straight Lines

Immervision has designed new algorithms to fix stretched bodies, protect objects and face
proportions by using AI, while correcting curved lines, all in real time.

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