Immervision improves machine perception with super wide-angle camera and pixel processing

Watch AutoSens 2021 replay where Patrice Roulet demonstrates how cameras equipped with super-wide-angle-lens and sensor can be specified, simulated, and designed with the purpose of improving machine perception. Using monocular single frame depth perception and object classification, such as YoloV4, we will show how a specific pixel processing called adaptive dewarping can increase machine perception’s accuracy.

From the AutoSens online summit held May 12th, 2021

Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO)

Our Optical Preliminary Study and Simulation Offer (OPSSO) can help you validate the performance of your camera vision system before you even start to develop it. And, even if you are already in development, OPSSO can leverage our expertise to enhance your ideas, optimize your system, save costs, minimize integration problems, and better meet your goals.

Whatever your concerns, we have the expertise available if you need it and we would love to collaborate with you to provide any answers you require.

The Future of Automotive Sensing Technology

Until recently, camera vision systems have been designed and tuned with human observers in mind. Unfortunately, the way images need to be captured, manipulated, and presented to human vision and learning-based vision systems may be very different, thereby requiring significant customization.

In this video, Immervision’s Vice President, Technology and Co-Founder, Patrice Roulet, and Immervision’s Principal Optical Designer, Prof. Simon Thibault, P.Eng., MSc, Ph.D., discuss the future of automotive camera vision system technology. In particular, they describe an anamorphic freeform lens design journey from conventional RGB imaging to wide-angle lidar. Systems based on this technology will provide better vision, better decisions, and better outcomes.

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Our InnovationLab is at the forefront of optical camera systems development, equipped with cutting-edge optical technology hardware and software coupled with our world-leading team of multidisciplinary scientists, optical designers, and image processing engineers.

By leveraging our expertise, we can accelerate the development of your innovative concepts and help you build the next generation of intelligent camera vision systems for deployment in your targeted transportation environment.

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