Recep Esler, Director, Sales and Business Development, United States, at Immervision, recently attended CES 2022 in Las Vegas, and shared the latest trends consumer electronics trends he saw at the show. 

While last year’s event was strictly virtual, this year CES went ahead in a physical format at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Although many companies decided not to attend in person last minute due to COVID, there was still a resurgence and energy for consumer technology both on-site and across the web.  

CES 2022 did see a lot of new products and partnerships launched, as everyone was trying to figure out how to get their piece of the ‘metaverse’, which refers to the combined virtual and augmented reality technologies.  No other industry was more center stage for connecting the real world and virtual reality in the ‘metaverse’ than automotive.  

CESCES saw automotive manufacturers taking a greater focus to deliver what consumers are demanding: a more dynamic and high-tech in-cabin or ‘in-vehicle’ experience. Whether it’s providing a better experience while the car is stationary or enabling more autonomous vehicles, manufacturers are being faced with more challenges to meet consumers demand and distinguish themselves with a better, unique in-cabin experience.  

While everyone is looking to provide the best smart cockpit experience for both drivers and passengers, Immervision joined in with their own CES announcement of a partnership with LeddarTech to deliver smart sensing solutions. This announcement means the leading automotive vision and sensing innovative forces will collaborate to provide automotive manufacturers with critical solutions needed to increase vehicle perception required for ADAS and autonomous vehicles, particularly in harsh environmental and lighting conditions such as rain, snow, fog, darkness and high brightness. 

Moving onto consumer electronics, there were more than enough announcements of new and exciting products. None more than the laptop market. With laptops, and video calls in particular taking over our schedules for virtual work environments and schools, it’s no surprise laptop manufacturers were announcing new trends in consumer, gaming, workstation and pretty much every area. Along with announcements of lighter chips in chassis, and AI features to prevent snooping in public places, Immervision was happy to join the technology leading announcements with our own 8MP camera module, the thinnest camera module for the laptop industry. Our new ultra-wide angle camera module will enable laptop manufacturers to offer a superior wide-angle vision system in an unprecedented miniaturized lens. 

Most people can see that remote work is here to stay, and that means laptop manufacturers will need to continue to deliver high quality video conferencing with image clarity from edge-to-edge. Although this may be a trend that was everywhere at CES, I think we will continue to see this grow in importance throughout the year.  

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