MONTREAL, CANADA, November 4, 2014: A few months after ImmerVision’s breakthrough super wide-angle 360° lens and imaging technology became available to mobile device manufacturers, literally revolutionizing video chats, action videos, and selfies, the company has appointed its Chief Commercial Officer, Alessandro Gasparini, to Executive Vice President. The move is in response to overwhelming worldwide interest in the ImmerVision Enables technology, which gives OEMs the ability to easily offer smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices with 360° imaging capabilities that deliver fully immersive, interactive, and sharable experiences to consumers.

In his expanded role, Gasparini will take responsibility for providing support to global brands and manufacturers in their delivery of immersive 360° panoramic video products. While still leading the company’s commercial strategy, Gasparini’s role now includes overseeing ImmerVision’s expansion and global presence in new markets.

“Alessandro is my right hand in leading ImmerVision’s commercial strategy for our groundbreaking panomorph (360° super wide angle) lens and imaging technology,” says ImmerVision President and CEO, Pascale Nini. “As our Executive Vice President, he is in a position to lead the next phase of our global expansion, while ensuring the 360° Video Standard is integrated across multiple industries and applications.”

Gasparini has been with ImmerVision since 2005, leading global sales and marketing as Chief Commercial Officer — a title he retains alongside his new Executive Vice President position. He is spearheading the commercial expansion of ImmerVision’s unique technology for mobile, portable, and wearable electronic devices, enabling users to instantly capture and share their full 360°experiences through video or photos without tedious panning.

“This is truly exciting,” states Gasparini. “Imagine capturing landscapes, action scenes, selfies, or video chats in 360. Mobile device and consumer electronics manufacturers can change the way we communicate forever.”

About ImmerVision

Leading innovation in 360-degree panoramic imaging, ImmerVision licenses its patented panomorph optical and software technology to global lens producers, product manufacturers, and software developers. Panomorph lenses are the only ones that can be adapted to any camera, any sensor, and any consumer, commercial, and government market. ImmerVision Enables is the recognized standard for 360-degree solutions and applications.