May 21, 2024

Montreal, Canada – In an era where visual technology is integral to innovation across industries, Immervision, a leader in wide-angle vision and imaging technology, unveils its advanced Image Quality (IQ) Lab in Sofia, Bulgaria. This strategic move comes as the demand for enhanced imaging services surges, driven by advancements in sectors such AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Video Communications, Safety and Health Care.

With over twenty years of industry leadership in the field of vision system development, optical design, and imaging, Immervision is expanding its global footprint, establishing state-of-the-art facilities in Sofia. The new IQ Lab is built to advance camera and imaging technologies to new levels, guaranteeing the best visual performance for the product application.

The service offerings at the IQ Lab are comprehensive and tailored to meet the rigorous standards of today’s smart applications:

Image Quality Verification: Ensuring cameras meet and exceed performance metrics through a blend of objective, subjective and performance testing.

Image Quality Tuning: Precise tuning with ISP, 3A (AF / AE / AWB) capabilities, and advanced image processing algorithms.

Camera Software Development: Developing foundational camera drivers and firmware for cutting-edge performance.

Image Quality Consultancy: Offering expert guidance on component selection, calibration, and testing to align with project-specific needs.

“Our new IQ LAB in Sofia is a manifestation of Immervision’s rich legacy in image quality excellence, backed by decades of experience and the most advanced equipment in the industry,” said Teodor Todorov, Vice President, Image Quality and General Manager, Immervision IQ LAB. “This facility is more than a lab – it stands as a hub of innovation where our expert team uses cutting-edge tools to craft the visual experiences of tomorrow.”

Immervision invites industry peers and enthusiasts to firsthand experience the capabilities of the new IQ Lab at the upcoming Autosens / In-Cabin event in Detroit, from May 21-23, 2024, at booth #237.

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About Immervision Inc.:
With over 20 years of innovation, Immervision creates solutions that see beyond human vision. Its Deep Seeing technology and renowned experts in wide-angle vision systems, optical design and image processing enable smart devices with superhuman eyes to capture high quality visual and contextual data. The company invents, customizes, and licenses wide-angle camera solutions and imaging software technology for AI, machine vision and user applications, from capture to display, in the mobile, automotive, robotics, security, and other industrial and consumer product industries. For more information about Immervision, visit and LinkedIn.