Montreal developer’s panomorph technology plays key role in stratospheric balloon flight study.

MONTREAL – August 16, 2018: Immervision, the Montreal-based developer of unique, wide-angle, panomorph lenses and data-in-picture image processing technology, today announced the company’s crucial position in the High Contrast Imaging Balloon System (HiCIBaS) project, a stratospheric balloon flight designed to prove the viability of high contrast imaging equipment in space.

Immervision panomorph technology will be used to record the launch and flight of the HiCIBaS balloon in super wide-angle views. The resulting high quality Immervision-captured imagery will enable more precise analysis of the balloon flight results to provide the most complete understanding possible and offer the world an immersive view of the earth from 40 kilometres above it.

Led by Université Laval professor and Immervision Principal Optical Designer Dr. Simon Thibault, HiCIBaS is an international partnership that includes government agencies such as NASA/JPL, CSA/ASC, NRC/CNRC; universities from Canada and The Netherlands; and research institutes from around the world.

“There is no more demanding environment than space,” says Dr. Thibault. “With no room for error, you have to get it right the first time. Only panomorph lenses provide the necessary image quality, targeted resolution, and uniform luminosity required for this mission-critical aerospace application. The 360-degree images of the launch and flight will enable greater understanding of the HiCIBaS results, making our work that much more valuable. Of course, we will also apply any learnings to future panomorph lens designs.”

The HiCIBaS launch and flight is scheduled for August 20, 2018. Learn more in the Immervision blog and follow the countdown on the project Facebook page.

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