– Attractive design affords superior camera and lens protection –

ATLANTA, May 16, 2011 – Moog Videolarm, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality surveillance products is pleased to announce its 360-degree camera enclosure, the IRM360-IV. The new enclosure is compatible with ImmerVision Enables® panomorph lenses and a wide range of box cameras from major IP surveillance camera manufacturers.

The IRM360-IV provides a greater level of protection for 360-degree view camera deployments, which have up until now been installed without enclosures due to the requirement that box cameras be mounted vertically in most applications.

“The IRM360-IV meets the growing need for 360-degree monitoring solutions in an unobtrusive, aesthetically-pleasing housing engineered for easy camera plug-in and servicing from below the ceiling or overhang,” said Jimmy Pfaffenberger, general manager, Moog Videolarm. “This enclosure protects surveillance equipment while reducing the risk of an end user’s critical assets,” Pfaffenberger continued. The enclosure comes standard with the Moog Videolarm five-year warranty.

The IRM360-IV is a plenum-rated enclosure approved for installation in accordance with fire regulations in retail, medical, school, and corporate environments where plenum-rated electrical components are required.

“The application of 360-degree video via a panomorph lens has proven to be of tremendous strategic value, eliminating blind spots in video system designs, and is also a wonderful problem solver for difficult applications. The introduction of the IRM360-IV panomorph recessed ceiling enclosure is a prime example of that. Once again the team at Moog Videolarm demonstrated their vision and design expertise by matching the use and application of 360-degree video with the needs of retailers and consultants for a recessed, very-low profile ceiling enclosure,“ said Sanford Green, director, USA sales and operations of video surveillance applications, ImmerVision.

About Moog Videolarm, Inc.

Moog Videolarm, a subsidiary of Moog Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality surveillance products with unmatched customer service in the industry. IP ReadyTM camera housings, wireless and vandal-resistant camera systems, infrared illuminators, and mounting poles are a few of the security solutions Moog Videolarm provides to the global marketplace. For more information call +1 770.987.7550 or visit www.videolarm.com.

About ImmerVision

ImmerVision’s mission is to enable users to see everything around them, with its patented 360° panomorph lenses and ImmerVision Enables® immersive viewing functionality. ImmerVision licenses its panomorph optical and software technology to lens producers, product manufacturers and software developers worldwide. ImmerVision panomorph lenses are the only ones available today that can be adapted to any camera and any sensor, for use in any consumer, commercial and government markets. www.immervisionenables.com.