Montreal (Canada): ImmerVision, inventor of the panomorph lens and worldwide expert in 360° immersive video technology announces today that SANYO VIDEO Vertrieb AG, Ahrensburg, Germany becomes the largest European distributor of ImmerVision’s panomorph lenses.

Panomorph optics can be simply added to existing or new analog or IP cameras and, when used with ImmerVision Enables software such as SANTEC SanGuard, they provide consistent 360° viewing from a single camera, live or playback of an entire area. They complement existing video surveillance cameras and are critical in the banking, gaming, retailing, petroleum, public transit, manufacturing and government sectors, where video surveillance “blindness” is dangerous and costly.

“With the Technology of the ImmerVision 360° lens we are expecting to generate totally new applications and solutions with our CCTV partners. The functionality of the lens gives us possibilities we have never imagined before. So we are very proud to be a partner of ImmerVision.” said Lars C. Diestel, CEO of SANYO VIDEO Vertrieb AG.

“The distribution of ImmerVision’s panomorph lenses by SANYO VIDEO coupled with its SanGuard ImmerVision Enables solution will offer European users the best immersive functionality for higher video surveillance applications; thus eliminating blind spot and heighten situational awareness.” said Alessandro Gasparini, ImmerVision’ SVP – Sales & Marketing and Chief Commercial Officer.

About SANYO VIDEO Vertrieb AG:

Since 1974, SANYO VIDEO Vertrieb AG (, located in Ahrensburg (near Hamburg, Germany), is a distributor and manufacturer of professional CCTV technology. SANYO VIDEO Vertrieb AG delivers high-quality products for effective video surveillance concepts, integrated system solutions and CCTV units for commercial or private applications. With its own brand SANTEC, SANYO VIDEO Vertrieb AG provides a versatile product range of recording systems, CCTV and IP cameras, lenses, weather-proof housings and accessories.