Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, October 17, 2016 – ImmerVision, the inventor of the 360-degree panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical and imaging technology, announced today that VDG Sense 2.4 is certified ImmerVision Enables 2.0, The 360° Video Standard. VDG customers can now benefit from 360° panomorph viewing functionalities in VDG’s video management software for improved situational awareness and incidence response.

VDG joins more than 50 security industry ImmerVision-certified solution providers around the world in integrating The 360° Video Standard. VDG Sense can now enable their users to instantly dewarp, capture and navigate within 360-degree panomorph images in live or recorded modes. As well, VDG Sense offers greater coverage and flawless clarity, with no sudden drop in resolution, when matched with any of the certified panomorph cameras available from major brands, including Siqura.

“Integration of ImmerVision Enables 2.0 is in line with VDG’s strategy to provide our customers’ innovative security functionalities enhancing their surveillance and security systems,” says Timme Grijpink, Managing Director of VDG. “Collaborating with ImmerVision will benefit all our customers who want to have immersive viewing functionalities with leading 360° panomorph cameras.”

“Clearly, VDG aims at offering their customers unmatched value and cutting edge technology,” said Jay Murray, Vice President, Video Surveillance Application at ImmerVision. “Integration of ImmerVision Enables onto VDG Sense ensures their users can see in 360 without sudden drop in resolution or blind sports – particularly crucial when collecting forensic evidence or for live monitoring.”

About VDG

VDG develops the most creative and flexible video management solution worldwide, and offers total video security systems from single- to multi-site and corporate environments. VDG’s VMS is developed with the focus on openness, usability and simplicity.https://vdgsecurity.com/

About ImmerVision

Leading innovation in 360-degree panoramic imaging, ImmerVision licenses its patented panomorph optical and software technology to global lens producers, product manufacturers, and software developers. Panomorph lenses are the only ones that can be adapted to any camera, any sensor, and any consumer, commercial, and government market. ImmerVision Enables is the recognized standard for 360-degree solutions and applications. www.immervisionenables.com