MONTREAL, Canada: ImmerVision, the inventor of the 360-degree panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, announced today that GanzVision NVR software from CBC (America) Corp., a subsidiary of the CBC Group with divisions in security products, has been certified ImmerVision Enables.

Certification with the leading 360-degree video standard means that GanzVision customers will achieve heightened situational awareness with views spanning full 360×180 degrees built directly into their client software; all without distortion or blind spots.

“With the added visibility, fluid and easy navigation, and seamless integration with numerous panomorph cameras, ImmerVision Enables offers our customers access to very intuitive 360-degree panomorph viewing; today and well into the future,” said Don Beeby, Vice President at CBC (America) Corp..

GanzVision is an advanced and user-friendly NVR software that can be preinstalled on Ganz ZNR Series servers with a choice of configurations, or installed separately on existing servers. Now by simply adding ImmerVision Enables certified panomorph cameras, GanzVision customers access hemispherical views in live and playback modes. They can also digitally zoom into 360-degree panomorph video and compare various angles side-by-side, helping them see what is unfolding and make quicker, more informed decisions.

“Panomorph technology is leading the way towards cutting-edge 360-degree innovations,” said Alessandro Gasparini, CCO at ImmerVision. “With this certification, CBC (America) Corp. is thinking long-term, offering 360-degree viewing features to its customers that are compatible with a growing list of ImmerVision Enables certified panomorph cameras.”

About CBC America Corp

CBC (AMERICA) Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CBC Group and part of a global network of Import, Export, Trading, and Distribution companies, with divisions in security products, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, flooring, and plastics and resins. Businesses worldwide have chosen Ganz® and Computar® brands for their critical security applications and continue to rely on us for ultra-responsive, personalized service and support.